You are a creator of your relationships


In the old paradigm we sought relationships to get something from other people, to reach a sense of security and to distract ourselves from our solitude. We got married because it was convenient and we fell in love because the other person made us feel whole. We were persuaded that we needed that person in our life and we were using our relationships with other people to make ourselves feel better. However, this old paradigm is not working and it won´t work anymore. We are all wondering how comes that other people drive us crazy and there is no button left that your “better half” haven´t pushed, yet. Nevertheless, there is another way of relating to other people. This way requires us to leave the old paradigm behind and to relate to others as we truly are. Our hearts will guide us on the path of revelation right to the truth of who we are. So, let the journey begin.

“You will believe that others do to you, exactly what you think you did to them.” (ACIM)

Our mind is so powerful that it can project a whole world from one thought. In fact, the function of your mind is to bring you the evidence of your belief system. For instance, if you believe that you are not worthy enough, your mind is going to prove it to you time and time again. If you believe that you don´t deserve a happy relationship and that there has to be something wrong with you, your mind is again going to prove your point. The trick of the mind is that it is never going to tell you – You know what? Because you don´t feel good about yourself, you are going to think that your boss is not satisfied with your work. And also that guy you are dating is never going to value your company, because you obviously don´t value your company either. No, this is not how the mind operates. The mind is trained to bring you the evidence of what you are thinking silently by projecting it outside of yourself. That is why it is being said that the outer world reflects your inner state.

In the new paradigm we have to give up the victimhood. If you want to be free in your relationships you will have to see yourself clearly and you will have to take ownership of the beliefs that you have been projecting onto the others. You know that you are projecting thoughts that are not in alignment with who you really are by paying attention to your feelings. Every feeling of unease, fear and anxiety is you superimposing your fearful thoughts onto the world you see. Your true nature is love, goodness and joy. If you extend to others anything less than that and it doesn´t matter whether it is through thoughts, words or actions, you won´t feel good, because you are acting against your own true nature. Therefore, I invite you to question your stressful thoughts and realize for yourself who you would be in your relationships without the fearful concepts you believe.

Setting the boundaries

When you know who you are, you don´t have to be afraid about not being able to set boundaries. In fact, when you are acting from your true nature, you don´t even have to think about setting boundaries. Once you realize that you have your own internal wisdom your YES or NO will come from an authentic place. You will be no longer setting boundaries out of fear, but your responses to people and situations will come naturally from the knowing of who you are. There is a simple way of knowing what is not right for you to do and that is by being aware of your inner state when you are feeling miserable. Every time you say YES to something while you actually want to say NO, you cheat on your Self. And the opposite is true as well. Saying NO to something you want to say YES to, is a direct path to internal turmoil and suffering.

Loving relationship with your Self and the God of your understanding is the foundation on which your other relationships are built. You are a creator. You have the power to create every relationship you are in and it depends on you whether you create a true reflection of who you are or a projection of your fears. When you love yourself unconditionally, every NO to somebody else is a YES to the truth of your being. I call that integrity. Eventually, you will realize that every time you extend love to someone else you enrich yourself and every action of not extending love is going to cost you your inner peace. However, love sometimes responds with a YES and other times with a NO. The only place you can find your answer is in your heart. If you love somebody, they deserve nothing less than your whole truth – your whole heart – and that applies to your Self as well as to the others. Love is not weak. Love is the most powerful substance, creating the world as we know it.  Learning to say NO that is coming from a place of love will empower you and liberate you to be who you are.

Knowing where to look for love

Other people are not a quick fix for the lack of connection with your real Self and with the universal love flowing to and through each one of us. Your relationships are an extension of who you are. How you treat people, reflects how you treat yourself. If you are connected to your true Self, you know that you can connect with anyone, because there is one heart beating in all of us. We are all connected to the same source of life. What we are missing is a deeper connection. Connecting on the level of body and mind is not satisfying our souls. We crave deeper relationships, in which we would be connected at the level of the heart. In order to connect in this way we have to transcend our fearful concepts and tap into the place of love in our own heart. Relating to others in an authentic way emerges from a place of connection to your own Self that is love, truth and light.

Looking for certainty, love and approval outside of your Self is taking you away from who you are in the truth and from your own power and connection. No one is going fill the emptiness caused by you not loving and not approving of yourself. Once you tap into love through the connection with the center of your being, your wisdom and your truth, you will be able to extend this connection beyond your body and your mind to other people and you will be able to reach their hearts. And all that will be happening is that you will suddenly be able to see the one divine love being reflecting back to you. The difference between using people and appreciating them is the difference between fear and love. And how could you use someone you love? The only thing left in the presence of love is the appreciation for who they are and for who you are, nothing more and noting less than that.

Helping others

One of my favorite realizations is that you can never get miserable enough to help someone else in their misery. The only thing you can do to help others is to be at your best and from that place live an example of what it means to be, who you truly are. If you have kids you know that they don´t learn from your words, but that it is your example that teaches them. When you want to help others, you have to keep this one thing in mind – everyone has their own connection to God. You are not here to usurp the role of God and be everything to everyone. You are here to express the truth of your own being and everyone else has the same connection to the source of life as you do. This makes us equal co-creators of our experience. To empower someone, it is enough to see them as beings connected to never-ending source of energy, life and love and to believe in their well-being.

For your own peace of mind, know, that you are not their healer, God is. You are not anyone´s savior, God is. You are not their Source, God is. You can only demonstrate, what it means to live a life connected to love. When you live a life from a place of wisdom and you feel moved to help someone else then do it. If it is against your own truth not to provide someone else with what they need, then provide it for them. But don´t do it because it is something that should be done, do it because it is who you are. Be careful not to confuse your function with the function of God. Your function is to live YOUR life according to the truth and the wisdom that is given to YOU and at the same time others are being guided by the same Source, whether they realize it or not.

Your being is an extension of love and wherever you go old patterns and detrimental habits will be cleared away in the brightness of your light. Your relationships are being renewed by the clarity emerging from the connection to your truth. The wisdom of your heart is going to show you a new way of being in relationships that doesn´t come from outside of yourself. This way is the way of joy, ease and clarity that can be found only in your heart.


May your life be blessed by an abundance of loving and wholehearted relationships and anything less than that shall dissipate in the presence of your truth,

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