The new way of being


I invite you to put aside all that you have thought is true about yourself, your worthiness and the value you have in this world and to come with me on a journey of revealing your true nature. Just for now, let´s see beyond all the concepts of achieving and trying hard. I know that your mind is going to rebel against the idea of gain without pain and peace without sacrifice. This is why you have to read with your heart instead of pondering the words in your mind. The feeling of joy is never lying and it is going to show you the way to your truth.

Listening to love

The voice, which tells you that you have to deserve the vision of your heart, is not the voice of God. It is the voice of fear. The thoughts, which try to persuade you that you have to prove your worth, are lying to you. Turn your attention to your heart. You are worthy. You are life. You are light. You are loved. God created everything for you. It is already yours. You don´t have to deserve it. You don´t have to worry about it. The only thing you have to do is to stop savoring your fears. Let go of the thoughts of lack. Stop pondering how things might go wrong and start leaning towards joy. Rely on love in your heart. It is there to support you when you need help. It is there to release you from fear, when you think you can´t let go of it on your own. When you take love by the hand and you step together into the unknown you will discover the certainty of life being here for you.

The belief that you are not worthy is as ancient as the world itself. Now is the time to create a new world for ourselves. A heaven on earth where everyone knows their worth and where no one is born without knowing that they are the universe itself. You are so important that without you the stars would go out and the world would cease existing. I am because of you. And you and I are one. In the same way as we are connected to the one Source of love, light and truth, you and your creations are one with you. There is no space between you and your creations and at times you can feel it. When you are joyful, you can feel that what is yours is with you and when you are ready to hold it within your vibration it is going to manifest. Everything that is desired wholeheartedly out of love is born into this world with the same certainty as the Sun is rising thanks to the grace of love that holds it in its orbit. The new way is the way of letting go of fear and in order to let go of fear, we have to dedicate our thoughts to love.

Leaning towards joy

It is time to stop questioning the will of God, manifesting itself as the pulling in our hearts towards freedom, love and joy. It is time to see beyond the nothingness of what we have created with fear in our minds. Now is the time to dedicate our lives to love. This is the hour to break free and to live in eternal harmony. Withdraw the certainty you poured into fear and start praising love so you can be free. Love never asks you to prove your worthiness. You never have to deserve her gifts. It doesn´t give only to take away and it doesn´t show you the way only to mislead you afterwards. It provides and provides abundantly. The greater your joy, the greater her gifts. Your joy is the only price you have to pay in exchange for what has always been yours.

Acknowledge all the fear you can find in your body, mind and heart and give it over to God. The power that created you is the only power that can overrule anything you created on your own. Fear is your own creation, your own power turned against you. With fear as your companion, every gift of God will seem to be too good to be true, too wonderful to happen and you will never be perfect enough to deserve it.  When you are using the perspective of fear to look at yourself, you are unable to see that you are worthy of love, goodness and joy. So, let me remind you the truth of who you are through the perspective of love: you are goodness, you are love and you are joy, therefore, you don´t deserve anything less than that. We have been relying on the voice of fear to lead us for so long that we don´t know how to trust the voice of love – the voice of the truth resonating in our heart. The only way how to know who we are is to experience it. And the choice is not if we want to experience our Selves as love, but when. For love is who we are, but we won´t know our true power until we let fear disappear and allow love to fill our experience of life.


Once you start being certain in who you are and in what you are becoming through the grace of God, the inner will be reflected in the outer. Your inner atmosphere will be stable enough, to reflect what is yours in the outer world, as well. Your outer world is going to reflect how much joy you allow yourself to feel. It is time to start enjoying your journey of creating yourself anew with the presence of love accompanying you every step of the way to discovering your joy, truth and freedom.


Hold onto your heart´s vision and never let go of the joy of creating a new world every moment of every day, never deny the truth of who you are and never rob yourself of the freedom of who you are becoming in love,

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  1. Aspiring Author says:

    Lovely post! I loved the past where you said, “It’s not the voice of God, it’s the voice of fear.”

    Thanks for sharing! You made my day…


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