It doesn´t matter how many times you stumble and it doesn´t matter how many times you stop believing. In the moment you decide again with your whole heart that you belong to love and love only and that the fear you felt is not going to rob you of your freedom, not now and not ever, the divine design is going to rearrange all the relationships and all the circumstances so your outer world can match your inner state of freedom. There is no coincidence possible in the universe created by love itself. Every time you stumble, it is because you have been looking in the wrong direction and relying on your own power. And in your stumbling you will realize that God was holding your hand all this time and it doesn´t matter how many times you stumble, his presence is going to keep you safe and take you wherever you are supposed to be in just the right time, so you won´t miss the miracles waiting for you.

Centering yourself in the truth of who you are

Your heart knows the way and your mind has to catch up with the vision of your heart. The vision is kept safe in your heart and it can´t be lost nor deserved. It is there waiting for you to be ready to receive it. You don´t have to work hard for it and your effort is not needed either. What is going to unlock the revelation you have been looking for – the joy and the freedom you think are missing in your life – is your willingness to enter into the sacred space of your heart where your truth can be, finally, found.

When you have a nagging feeling that there has to be more to life than what you are experiencing right now, I have good news: there certainly is. However, you won´t find this more outside of yourself. What you are lacking and what your being is looking for is the connection with your true Self that would give meaning to every interaction, work and event of your life. The connection between your heart and your mind is what gives you the power to express who you truly are in whatever situation you find yourself in. It is natural that we seek beauty, freedom, love and happiness. They are all extensions of our soul, however, without finding the beauty, freedom, love and happiness within ourselves first – in the connection with the God of our understanding – we are going to look for them outside in the outer world and what we are going to find will never satisfy the emptiness we are feeling in our soul. In order to create a fulfilling relationship with anyone, you have to be married to your own heart in the first place. Otherwise, you are going to try to use every person, job and circumstance you will encounter to fill the hole they weren´t meant to fill.

To lead a meaningful life, you have to anchor yourself in your truth. Your truth is the joy, love and freedom you feel, when you are connected to your heart. There are many ways to freedom; however, each of them is going to lead you back to the center of your being – to your heart.

You will fly

Sometimes you are showed a glimpse of what is possible for you and you will feel the vision of love being literally imprinted on your heart. What I tend to do after the flashes of inspiration have visited my mind and after I have felt the guidance of God is that I try to achieve what I have seen is possible for me. And every time I stumble, as soon as I take the first few steps by myself. However, that usually doesn´t discourage me, because I have received the desire and I think I know what to do with it. Nevertheless, I always have to stumble a few more times until outside circumstances bring me to my knees and I find myself unable to get up without help. Every time I do this, I am reminded that it is not by my own willpower that I will reach God´s vision for my life. Love gave us the vision and that means that only love knows the way we will get there. If we believe that we can make it on our own, we will stumble and we will get lost, because our mind can´t lead us to the destination that was chosen by our heart.

I have discovered that the magic happens in the moments when we think we have started to fall again. While falling, we usually release all of the expectations and illusions that made us rely on our own mind and our own strength. And in the moment when we can see clearly that our own strength can´t possibly create a manifestation of a divine idea in our life, we are liberated to let go and we find out that instead of falling we were freed to fly. The magic in falling down is that we always land right in the embrace of love.

“What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”   Erin Hanson

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