The highest authority lies within you


It is time to stop battling with life and to stop covering up the voice that is guiding us from the inside. You don´t have to deserve happiness. You don´t have to strive for the expression of your purpose. I often find myself denying the goodness of life and the abundance that surrounds me. It seems that the beliefs in lack and in our inadequacy are so ancient and so ingrained in our minds that at times it seems impossible to let go of them and to transcend them altogether. We have been told again and again that we have to battle, to try hard and to effort to achieve what is ours from the beginning of time. However, I know from my experience that the things dearest to my heart were given to me by the power of love and those I strived for were never able to fulfill the longing in my heart. I forget the certainty of love more often than I would like to, so here I am writing down what I know to be true in my heart.

It is not in striving but in allowing, that that which is ours will be becoming

The greatest lie of our life is that we have to deserve whatever it is we desire. What we perceive as a desire is a calling of the divine to be expressed as an extension of our being in a form. We are connected to one another in a bond of love and love is the sphere, from which all that is desired is manifested in form. The ancient thought patterns, which tell us that we are not worthy yet of the things/expressions/relationships that our heart longs for, is basically telling us that we are not worthy of being alive. To be alive means to be becoming in form all of who you are in spirit. You are an expression of love. Just as you didn´t have to deserve being born into this world, so you don´t have to work for the air you breathe nor do you have to become worthy of your heartbeat. The desires born in your heart are showing you the way to joy, happiness and truth. You are worthy and deserving of each and every one of them, because they were yours from the beginning of time. They were yours even before your heart revealed them to you and they won´t be gained by struggle and effort. They are not achieved, they are received.

Love gives freely and it is only our inability to see clearly through the fearful thoughts that we are not able to claim our inheritance. We claim it by being who we are, by resting in our soul and by letting the truth to be known to our minds. It is the battle with our fears that is wearing us down. The only remedy I know that can be efficiently used in struggling against what is our own is to let it go. When you grasp and try hard and effort to get something, it is because the fear is still present in you and it tells you that you are not enough and that you have to deserve whatever it is you want. This is, however, not the way love operates. If you feel a calling deep down in your heart, but it is not yet expressed in form, the gift of its expression is still truly yours. It is a part of you in the same way as your finger is a part of your hand and your hand didn´t have to do anything to deserve to have fingers. They are the natural extension of who you are in form. So the things your heart holds dear are there, because they are a part of you and the fact that they are not visible to your physical eyes, yet, does not mean they are less real than your fingers. The heart´s vision is clearer and more accurate than what we can see through our physical eyes. Can you see love? Most likely no, but I am sure you know it by its all-embracing and healing presence as a feeling in the center of your being. Nevertheless, it doesn´t make it less real.

Let go of control to see what life has in store

In order to receive what is yours, you have to rely on the power that breathed life into you. We are the extension of this divine force. The all-knowing and all-embracing presence of God heard your prayers and until you are willing to believe the truth in your heart, you won´t be able to trust, to let go and to receive the impulse to follow the calling of your truth. Sometimes the journey has to take you into places that you wouldn´t want to go to, if you knew it beforehand. Therefore, there is a grace in not having to know. When we are trying to control our life we stand in the way of the revelations that would come otherwise. How could you possibly know what life has in store? You can be sure only about one thing and that is that God´s plan for your life is far grander and more satisfying than the one you thought of with fear in your mind.  Now the only thing that is hindering his plan to be brought forth is your lingering on its form.

I am here with you holding your hand and I want you to know that you don´t have to deserve anything that is already yours. I am first to admit that I tried to control the uncontrollable. I tried to manipulate what cannot be forced and I ran after what cannot be bought. There is a sacred place within us all, where the miracles are born. In this place all the effort and trying hard are burnt by the grace of God. And it is in the giving up into peace and embracing every feeling of frustration, anger and sorrow in love that we are going to release all the worries that have been accompanying us along this journey. Now I invite you to give up the struggle, to put aside all of your trying hard, to come to your heart with an open mind, so its wisdom can fill you with joy, certainty and love. When you think that the outside forces are not cooperating with you, think of who has put them in place. You are right where you are supposed to be and you are headed right where you are supposed to go. There is nothing happening without purpose and there never will. Celebrate love, joy and happiness every day. Celebrate life and God and there is nothing that could resist you. Believe your heart, it is never lying. Ever.


The knowing in your soul is what carries you through it all, the knowing in your soul is healing everything as you go. Never lose hope in what you carry in your bones, for love´s gift brings mercy and happiness to us all. The true freedom is in the knowing of who you are and in the knowing that love is never too far. The burning in your soul is a desire calling you back home. You are always guided even in the midst of a storm. Give up the effort, lay down your tired head and once you wake up all the sweetness will be back. Let the tears wash through your soul, for what once is will be again known. Like a feather supported by the air, your heart is safe in love calling your name. You were trying to be strong holding on for too long. Now is the time to allow your life to hold you in its soft embrace and to prosper in love´s presence. The feelings of ease and peace so familiar to you and me will be with us unto eternity.


Know that nothing is too good to be true,

A Miracle Workbook

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