Liberate yourself to be who you truly are


I am looking forward to sharing with you a few insights that have helped me to live my life with more joy and with a greater sense of freedom . If you are feeling trapped in your current life, I hope the following words liberate you. If you are feeling lost, I hope that the light, which joins us all, lights up your way. If you are fearful, I hope that you will feel the love that surrounds you. Here are the stepping stones to freedom that is already yours, but sometimes it is nice to be reminded:

1. Give up lying

“Every lie whether it is big or small has to go, otherwise your light won´t be known.”

And by lying I mean everything from pretending to like watching thrillers even though you know you love a good rom-com to talking yourself into having a family even though you know that both the man and the moment are not right. Lying always stems from fear. This fear can have many faces and in your head it sounds something like I am not good enough and if they see me as I really am, they won´t like me. Now, the question is do YOU like the self you are presenting to others? Pretending to be who you are not takes too much energy and I know it firsthand, because I have done the pretending so many times. But most importantly it feels like you are chopping a piece of your soul away with every fake smile and with every new lie. Letting go of all the lies we tell ourselves and others is liberating and once you try it, you won´t be able to live with the fake version of yourself anymore. The calling of the truth is so strong in you that every thought and every action that opposes who you are is going to make you feel miserable. So how to distinguish a moment of truth from the moments when we lie either to ourselves or others? Lying feels like limiting or losing your Self, it feels like sadness or depression, it feels like giving up on that which was supposed to be sacred forever. In the instant we lie, we stop believing in love and give way to fear.

On the other hand, while making room for the truth to be known often requires a little bit of willingness and a whole lot of courage, truth always feels like expanding, it feels like peace and joy and it feels like coming home to who you are. Sometimes in making the truth known to us or others, we feel like we would rather die. And in fact, that is what happens when we decide to live the truth as we know it in our heart. A part of the illusion of who we thought we had to be in order to be accepted is going to die and a new sense of freedom is going to be born. The truth will literally set you free. Free to be your Self – a creation and a creator of love. While you still may perceive it as being selfish, there is nothing more loving than embracing who you truly are. And in order to encompass that, you need to give up everything that stands between your inner light and you consciously shining it forth. Every lie whether it is big or small has to go, otherwise your light won´t be known.

2. Give up the blame

We are now called to step into the true nature of our being, which is light, truth, joy and peace and we can´t do that while carrying the past blame and shame wherever we go. It is not possible to create anew, while seeing the past that is here no more. Every experience you went through and every relationship you had, was there to enlighten you to who you are, to bring you closer to your truth. Now a time came when it no longer serves you to blame either yourself or someone else because of mistakes you made. Now is the time to stop calling learning opportunities mistakes. When you let the truth shine on each of those apparent mistakes, what is left is only more love and more clarity. Why do you blame yourself for not knowing what could be known only after having the experience? Why do you blame the other for giving you a chance to know your Self better and to create an untouchable bond with your own heart? See every mistake and every detour as taking you into the right and the only direction you can eventually go, and that is into the center of your heart. Hear the calling of joy and forgive yourself for once and for all, what does not even need forgiving at all.

3. Don´t talk yourself out of who you are

I am sure you have already had the experience of having a hunch that you talked yourself out of and then you regretted it later. These hunches are usually underestimated by the upbringing we are coming from. But if you want to live in alignment with joy, which is your true nature, you will have to practice acting on your knowing until it becomes easy for you. The truth of your being is revealed to you by the inner knowing. And this knowing is inherent in everyone, but not everyone chooses to listen to it and to express it. The rare ones that do express it, seem to live a life of flow and happy coincidences. This is not a lifestyle reserved for a few. We were all born to live with ease, joy and flow, but the patterns of fear ingrained in our minds, prevent us from acting on our knowing or they cloud this knowing completely. To tap into power of the wisdom of love that is available to you in every moment, you have to be in tune with your own Self, which can be practiced in various fun and enjoyable ways. Do you think that God creates by error?  Why would he gift you with a vision of a life that was possible for you and then not allow you to live it out. What kind of loveless creator would do that to his creations? It is time to stop believing in a fearful God and start believing in all-embracing presence of love. There is no reason for you to cover up your heart´s vision every time it is shown to you and not to believe the wisdom of love, which gave you the gift of being able to create a new life for yourself and every one that is going to witness it. We don´t have to fight the old, we just need to see the world through the eyes of love and let it change our perception. So the hunch you feel is love showing you gently the path of joy where all of your creations are waiting for you.

4. Give yourself a time-out to practice creating instead of reacting

Once you let go of the lies or in other words the illusions about yourself and once you let go of the blame you held so dear and that caused your heart to close, you can finally allow the vision of your heart to reveal a new way of existing in this world. Then you can come back to the center of your universe again and know that everything is happening for you and you can create a new life that will more precisely reflect who you are in your heart. The outside world is never going to give you freedom, peace and joy that can be found only in your heart. It can only blind us to the power that lies within us. You are a creator and the power, which is flowing through you, does not come from the world you see. Only the mind connected with the heart will serve as a foundation for creating a new way of being, one of love and clarity. For you to place the power where it has always been – in the connection between your Self and the God of your understanding – you have to be willing to set a few minutes aside in order to gain your whole life back. To be able to tap into the power of your heart, you have to be willing to disconnect yourself from everything that is standing in the way of you and your inner knowing and joy.


May you have the courage to set yourself free,

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