With the beginning of the new year and with the weight of all of the expectations you are carrying in your heart I would like to remind you something. More precisely, I would like to remind you one thing and that is that you are enough, my darling friend. You might think that you need to try harder this time or that you should improve yourself, so you can be seen as worthy in your own eyes and in the eyes of others. I bet you want to put more effort into whatever you do, so you can be sure that you will deserve whatever it is you want to achieve or get. In other words you are going to prove yourself worthy of the prize you have set your heart on. However, this post is a gentle reminder that love doesn´t give rewards, love gives only gifts. This is a reminder for our minds, because our hearts already know everything I am going to write about and much more.

Happiness is your birthright

Whatever you do and wherever you are I wish you will remember that happiness and joy are your birthrights. They are not something you are supposed to gain through effort and hard work. You are born worthy, whole and valuable. Your value is not something that has to be worked for or added to. Your value resides in you being you, because without your presence in it, the universe won´t be whole.

We are so used to evaluating that which can´t be evaluated, we monetize our life and the hours spent here on the Earth and we thus try to put a price tag on God´s gift that is invaluable. We even got to the point where we measure love – I love him this much, but he loves me that much… and then we are surprised we don´t know how to relate to people in a meaningful way. Love is not a commodity and we can´t measure something that is eternal, all-encompassing and something we will never run out of. You are love and, therefore, your worth can´t be measured. It doesn´t matter whether you go to university or not and if you go, whether you finish it or not. It doesn´t matter whether you have a job or not, whether you are married or not, whether you have kids or not, whether you are healthy or not. Your value is not going to drop, not one inch, because of any of the above labels you have stuck on your soul in the belief that they have the power to change it. It doesn´t matter how many times you tell the rose that it is ugly, neither one of your words touches her beauty. And so are you valuable, just because you exist. Because God thought that it was a good idea to create someone like you and because love breathed life into you and wakes you up every morning without doubting your worth.

When the world judges your value be still and listen to your heart

All that the world wants is happiness that can be received only from the peace of knowing the truth of who we really are. Somewhere along the way we forgot that the happiness can be found only inside and then lived out as a service to ourselves and the world. So we have started to look for happiness outside of ourselves in other people and positions and things. We attach value to all of these things based on how much happiness we think they can bring us. In order to reevaluate the meaning of everything and to establish for yourself a new life, where your joy is not dependent upon anything but your relationship to who you are, you need to see everything for what it really is. You are joy and love and happiness and they are the cause and a result of you living in a state of grace. To live out of this state, every thought you ponder, every word you speak and every action you take has to be in alignment with the truth of your own being. The truth is waiting in your heart to be revealed. It can´t be earned, enforced or gained through effort. In fact, it is in the letting go of your beliefs, judgments and control that the truth can be received by you.

Estimating your worth based on the people you know, salary you are being paid or the background you are coming from means creating a barrier between you and your joy. Your worth has nothing to do with any of those. Having to prove yourself means that either you or someone else doesn´t see you as being enough right now. If you want to shift your perception for it to reflect the truth, it is enough to give up the entire struggle, be still and ask your heart. In this sacred silence you will be able to hear that you are so worthy that every single star shines for you at night and that the Earth spins around its axis and the air flows through your lungs without you having to deserve or effort for any of it to exist. It is all here for you because you are loved. God doesn´t give rewards, she gives gifts. And once you stop squeezing in your hands the little you thought you have usurped for yourself then you will be ready to see your worthiness as being established only by love from the beginning of time and not by this world.  Only then you will allow yourself to receive what is yours and you will receive abundantly.

Nevertheless, you can be sure that as long as you will judge the ways of the world, the world will judge you back according to its rules and standards. We don´t want to judge anymore, because judgment results in fear, blame and shame. It is time for you to get settled in your heart so comfortably that the games of the world will be viewed by you only as a child´s play. You will see it for what it is – an attempt to measure the eternal, never-ending and invaluable. You will know that the way the world sees you has nothing to do with who you really are. Just go with whatever your heart calls you to do and see value and worthiness in yourself and in everyone you encounter, especially when they forget to see it in and for themselves. The love you are is going to be reflected back to you through everyone you meet and so you will give them and yourself a new chance to be reminded of who we all are in truth.

The truth can´t be hidden for long, for you are the truth and it is shining forth from you everywhere you go,

A Miracle Workbook

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  1. myblissfuljourney says:

    Your writing is truly amazing, i resonate with your words so much, thank you for sharing such beautiful words x
    look forward to reading more 🙂


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