Three keys to lasting success


Everyone wants to succeed in their own life and in their own way, but most of the times we are too lost to know how or we are focused on the wrong things altogether. Here are three practices that help me to stay connected to who I am and from there you can´t not succeed:

Key #1: Cultivate the connection to your inner wisdom

I believe there is a power greater than us, always guiding us and helping us transcend our fears, worries and limited perceptions of people and situations we find ourselves in. Some people call it God, Universe or Source. Whichever label you decide to use, the eternal all-embracing love doesn´t care. It is unconditional and it is always with you even in the midst of your worst hour and even when you are feeling lost or forgotten. Be sure that this power is working miracles in your life and you can always rely on it. It wants you to be abundant, happy and it gave you your gifts and the yearning to use them. It has a path for you, which no one else can understand but you. It has in store for you love everlasting, blessed life and eternal happiness, however, you must rely on it totally without doubting the wisdom of your heart, which is connected to the power that breathed life into you. This connection is always there, nevertheless, the world we live in is going to deny it and it is going to persuade you that the power lies outside of you in other people, professional successes and your paycheck. There is nothing wrong with any of those, but when the connection with the external sources is valued more than the connection with your heart, sorrow must follow as the night is followed by the day.

So in order to be of value in this world, there has to be more to your purpose than what meets the eye. The first practice, which is going to bring you perfect freedom and clarity of mind, is removing yourself from the voices of the world and anchoring your mind in the wisdom of your heart every single day. From now on, let´s spend as much time on creating meaning, focus and cultivating loving connections as we have spent on fear, worry and lack in the past. And it is in renewing your mind every day in peace, which is coming from beyond this world, that you are going to find everything you have been looking for. Be sure and never ever doubt any desire that have been placed in your heart by the divine grace. When the world is weighing down on you just be still and know that there is nothing in this world, which would not bow to the power, light and love of God that is in you. Listening to our own guidance is not difficult but it is so different from what the world teaches us. Actually, it is the opposite of what the world is telling you. When the world screams run, you heart says hang in there for a little while. When the fear tells you this is as good as it gets, your inner wisdom whispers stand up, accept the power you have over your own life and know that nothing is too good to be true, when you trust me. So go forth in confidence and in peace and know that the light in you is the source of everything good in your life.

Key #2: Cultivate joy

Everyone without an exception wants to be happy. Everything we want and everything we do is because we think we will be happy in achieving it. You hear people say: hustle in order to be happy, go into the world and prove yourself… but no one tells us how. And even if they do the means toward reaching the happiness are so distorted that we can find it not. Real happiness is not a result of circumstances. Real happiness has to be cultivated, taken care of and practiced every day. Real happiness is to be who God created you to be in every moment. There are things that you are naturally called to do. Those are the things and activities that leave you fulfilled and overflowing with joy. The second practice is to intentionally start creating moments of joy. Do things just for the fun of doing them. If you love dancing, dance. If a good book makes your heart sing, read. If you feel at peace while making a meal, cook. No matter how silly or small the activity seems to be, cultivating joy is never dull or lazy. The wisdom of your being speaks to you in the moments filled with joy and the more joy you are able to allow into your life, the stronger your connection to who you really are will grow. The highest form of creation is doing something only for the purpose of joy itself.

Key #3: Cultivate integrity

You were born worthy and you will never ever have to prove your worthiness to anyone, because God knows your heart and it is the love that flows through your being that makes you worthy of everything good and beautiful. When you allow this understanding to sink in, you will be filled from the inside out and the need to prove yourself is going to let go of you, because your heart will be bigger than your fears. In the instant you let your worthiness to fill you up, you will realize that you never have to settle for less than what is a reflection of who you are. Your Source is never going to send you less than what is worthy of your pure, magnificent and innocent heart. Know that you are worthy – worthy of love, honesty, truth and respect. Let every interaction and every relationship in your life reflect the new-found respect for yourself. Treat every person as a golden link in the chain of your destiny. Do not disrespect the power that has sent them into your life by placing them lower or higher than you place yourself. Don´t allow the world to estimate your value. Know your value and the value of everyone else in your life by looking into your heart.

When you reserve your love only for certain people and you treat others as unworthy of receiving it, it is going to create inconsistency in your relationships. If you feel the need to treat different people in different ways, you are creating resistance in your body and you are pretending to be who you are not because you value some people more or less than you value yourself and that is leaving you tired at the end of the day. Until we are all equal in your eyes you can´t rest in your integrity. Integrity stems from your thoughts, words and actions aligning with the center of your heart and then from there joining in harmony and flowing out into the world. Confusion is when you think one thing, but then speak or act in opposition to your thoughts. You can have no real power in this world unless you practice being consistent with the wisdom that is available to you in every situation. When you know who you are, your life gets a new sense of clarity and the energy wasted on creating different personas for different circumstances can be now used to embrace your gifts and to be of value by harnessing them. The third practice is to stop adjusting yourself to the culture or the trends, but adjust yourself according to your heart. Your heart is where your true strength lies.

I have created a worksheet that is going to help you put all of the steps into practice and benefit from them in your own life. The worksheet is available for download HERE (you can find an example of a filled out worksheet below).

success keys


Your successes come for YOU to behold. Don´t let anyone else define them for you. Only you and God of your understanding know what you had to go through and in what ways you had to grow in order to become who you are today. The only definition of success that will ring true to your heart is your own.

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