How to get where you want to be?


When I was a teenager, I used to sit in the garden in front of our house, during hot summer evenings, and I would look at the planes drawing white lines across the sky. Even now, when I´m writing these words, I can clearly remember that I wanted to sit on one of those planes and I wanted to fly somewhere far, far away. And where did I want to go? I definitely had some ideas in my mind but, basically, I thought that anywhere else would be better than where I was at that moment. I believed that all of my problems would disappear once I was gone and that my happiness was waiting for me someplace warm and exotic. This was a nice theory, until one summer I really had an opportunity to go to France for three weeks to study French and travel a little bit. To be honest, I suffered through each of those three weeks and every day seemed to me like an eternity. I wasn´t good at making new friends, I was shy and I didn´t enjoy being by myself in general. As you can imagine, all of those experiences got magnified when I found myself alone and in a new country. Therefore, I bet there wasn´t a happier person on the plane when I was flying back home. When I got off the plane, I swear that the air had never felt so fresh, I was thrilled to greet my family and I gave myself a promise to never ever go anyway for so long and by myself. Did I keep it? No. Do I want to tell you not to travel? No, not at all. I love travelling now. However, this post is not going to be about travelling anyways. I just want you to know that “though we travel the world over to find the beautiful we must carry it with us or we find it not.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Until you learn to be happy where you are, you can´t move to where you want to be

I´m going to go ahead and assume that you´re a human being just like me and this, unfortunately, means that we ponder every now and then (or all day long) thoughts like – If only I had a different job I would be happy or I wish my partner was more thoughtful – in case you live somewhere, where there are four seasons – I wish the winter wasn´t so cold – and in case you live somewhere sunny – If only we had some snow these holidays. This circle in our heads can go on and on and on, unless wewe start to be willing to take the responsibility for the way this kind of thinking feels. If there is one thing I have learnt so far it is that I can´t be miserable and at the same time expect life to surround me with well-being and miracles. Wherever I go and whoever I am with, I take myself with me. Everything in life changes to match our state of awareness. I can´t go far enough to avoid my thoughts, however, I can get honest with myself right where I am and my whole world is going to shift because my internal world has shifted.

Wherever you are there is a grace of God surrounding you. Your light/ your love is the matter from which the Universe was created and which creates your universe. No amount of action can compensate for the right energy alignment. There is an enormous leverage in being aligned with the truth in your heart. And how do you know if you are connected to your true nature? When you are, you trust the timing of your life, you love the people and circumstances you are in and you know that right here, right now, all is well, because YOU get to decide who you are in every moment. Whether you stay or go is not as important as who you are while you are staying or leaving. Are you leaving in hate or with forgiveness? Are you staying with peace or with resentment? Unless you embrace your situation with love and unless you thank it for helping you become the person you were meant to be, you are going to meet the very thing you have been running from right around the corner.

Don´t be afraid of getting stuck

Oftentimes we avoid falling in love with the place we are in right now (physically, work-wise, relationship-wise), because we are afraid that if we become too satisfied with where we are our circumstances won´t change. It feels like we need some kind of fuel to make a change. And many of us are used to being fueled by anger, fear, dissatisfaction or hatred. How will I be able to change the way my body looks if I don´t hate the body I have right now? How am I going to leave the work I have, if I am not being dissatisfied with it? How are we going to reduce the amount of pollution, if we are not afraid of global warming? I have just one answer for all of the above questions: with love. You can take care of the body you have and you can learn how to love yourself enough, so you won´t feel the need to punish yourself by overeating. Your body then has to change in order to catch up with your new state of awareness. The new-found love for yourself is going to lead you to the knowledge, which will be followed by an inspired action which, in turn, will leave you feeling invincible, because nothing can stop a person who is aligned with their heart´s desire. You can love the work you are in and when a new opportunity comes, you can say yes with ease, grace and a sense of fulfillment, because you will know that you gave it your all and now the time came for a further expansion. We can reduce the amount of pollution and the impact of our consumption, not by pushing against and fearing something or by hating someone, but by acting from the clarity of our mind, connected to our hearts and caring deeply for the well-being of our planet and all of her inhabitants.

We can be fueled either by fear, which is stressful and tiring, or by love, which is liberating. When you are coming from a place of expressing who you really are, because it feels good, life cannot help itself but bring you that which is yours by the divine right. You cannot get stuck, because the outside world changes as your inner world changes. The only thing, in which you can get stuck are your repetitive thought patterns, but you have always the power to question them and change what you see. The moment you exchange fear for love, miracles can start happening.

Prepare yourself for what is to come right where you are

There is not one thing in your life happening right now that won´t have the potential to bring you closer to your heart, if you just allow it to do so. There is not one thing in your life which wouldn´t be happening for you. You get to use all of it – every relationship, every circumstance and every opportunity – to express your Soul. And how do you know when you are being aligned and acting from your true nature? It feels like expanding, it feels like connection and it feels like coming home to yourself. Inspired action fills you with life, freedom and power. So right now is the time to prepare yourself for what you know is yours. And only you can know what your heart´s vision has showed you and what it is that is calling you. Start to prepare yourself. And by preparation I mean execute only action coming from the mind connected to the love in your heart. Now the question is no longer how do I get where I want to be, but, right now, am I being who I want to be? Are my heart, my thoughts and my actions one? Prepare yourself right where you are and be ready to receive what is yours. That is a law, which runs this universe. Life attracts more life, love attracts love and you receive what your heart has been asking for.

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