The calling of light


OK, so, I´m sure that what I´m going to write about you´ve experienced at a certain point in your life, too. If you´re a bit like me, you´ve experienced it at several points and maybe you´ve even experienced it today. It starts something like this: you find yourself in a situation where you feel a prompting in your heart to do something. It usually feels like an inner call to an action coming from your heart, intuition or whatever you want to call it. It can be anything from offering your help to someone to sharing an experience, stating your opinion in front of a group of people, speaking about what you know to be the truth in your heart even though you know others may not understand it, signing up for a dance class, opening up with a friend you don´t know so well yet, being the first one to say sorry, buying someone a spontaneous present just because you love them, holding hands with a girl you´ve just met… And it ends up with you doing nothing. You simply talk yourself out of it. Every single time. I have been doing it all my life. I´ve perfected the art of persuading myself, each time I had this prompting, that to let my heart be seen and to shine the light upon the world saturated with fear would make me look ridiculous and it would be too dangerous. I´ve reached a point where I became a professional at dimming my light. However, denying our power is not possible without suffering the consequences.

What are the consequences of not letting ourselves be seen and not expressing the love that flows from our heart? Pain, hurting, anxiety, suffering, depression, emptiness and overall misery in various areas of our lives. Of course to relieve the pain we need to medicate it down, watch TV, go shopping or use the food to fill the hole of emptiness inside our chest. Sounds familiar? Well, let me assure you that I know exactly how much it hurts. I have been living with this kind of pain until I have decided that having to face ridicule can´t hurt more than losing a little bit of my Self every day. And I am here to tell you that I tried it and it doesn´t. At first it may feel like you´re going to die if you´re going to act from your heart and it´s going to be the feeling of openness that is going to kill you. But even though it´s not going to feel comfortable at first, you WILL get through the thick layers of fear and you WILL reach a feeling of peace, so profound and all-embracing, that in the moment of experiencing it, you´ll know that what you´ve done was well worth it. The only thing that´s going to die will be your ego, which is making you believe that you´re separate from the others and your real Self.

So what is it that prevents us from living the truth of who we are? What mocks the power of love and makes it seem weak? From my own experience I know that it´s FEAR. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of not being worthy and the belief that we don´t deserve happiness, fear that once we´re finally happy we´ll blow it up at some point because we´re not reliable enough and also the fear of not being ready. What is the antidote to fear? Believing in power greater than yours. Knowing that no matter how weak you feel, how terrified you are and how powerless you believe yourself to be, the creator of this universe knows your heart. The power that provides you with the next breath IS working on your behalf right know. This power brings every righteous desire of your heart into life, but first you have to ALLOW it to do so. Your fulfillment, your satisfaction and all that you´ve been looking for resides in shining your light and love onto the world tired of living in constant fear. If you´re afraid, it´s because you´re relying on your own power. However, you have no real power until you align with the love of God. Living your life from the inside out is the only way of living happily ever after.

The greatest trick of fear is to persuade you that your life doesn´t matter. When you believe this lie and you start denying your power it´s going to destroy your peace. I beg you – don´t believe it! Not even for a moment. Every moment spend in fear is a moment that could have been dedicated to love. Why would you waste your precious life this way? Once you decide to face it, you´re going to find out that fear is not real. It was only darkness looking into the mirror and seeing its own reflection looking back. So let the light of your heart illuminate every dark corner of your mind. Only then you´ll see there was nothing to fear in the first place. What you were terrified of was a lack of love. Life´s generous and you´re never going to run out of love. Fear not and put down everything that´s been destroying your peace so far. Surrender your fears to the power greater than yours and you can walk in the light toward the eternity of life guided by the wisdom installed in your being from the beginning of time. Surrender to the calling of your heart and witness the illusions change when your heart breaks open and your love floods this world.

Repeat with me: I´m no longer willing to hide my heart, my light, my creativity, my wisdom, my beauty and my talents in order not to offend the fear in me and in others. From now on I´m dedicated to the light and the light only. I´m rising beyond my fears and I´m guided to places and to people who will be healed because of me shining my light wherever it´s needed.


May you always have the courage to listen to the calling of the truth,

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