Well-being rituals that have the power to change your life

There is an undeniable leverage in creating healthy habits for ourselves throughout the day. The structure in our daily routine helps us to gain momentum in the areas we want to work on and eventually master one day. Establishing uplifting rituals is going to help us cope with unexpected events and unpredictability of life. I personally love my small rituals, which I practice every day. These intentional habits help me to see clearly my values and my purpose for a given day, they reduce the chatter coming from the busyness of the outside world and they also help me to get back on track every time I stumble. I´m persuaded that the world can add nothing to who we are, but it can blind us to the power that lies within us. If we don´t decide, the first thing in the morning, who we want to be throughout the day in relation to the people we get to meet and the things we get to experience, the world is going to choose for us, but we might not like that version of ourselves. I´m going to share what works for me and how I work on aligning the power of my heart, my vision and my daily life.

#1 Acknowledge that you have the power to create your day

The first thing I do in the morning, after I´ve had my breakfast and before I do anything else, is spending 5-10 minutes in meditation. The practice of meditation can be different for everyone; however, what I try to create during this quite time is the experience of who I really am without the constant demands and judgments of the outer world. Meditation shows us that we don´t have to believe every thought we think.  It helps us to realign our mind with the peace that´s in our heart. It gives us time to transcend beyond our thoughts to the place of inner stillness where we cease to identify with the stress caused by fearful thoughts. It´s a sacred time when we´re reminded again every day that the peace in our heart is eternal and it can´t be taken away by any outer circumstance. Every action, later in the day, eventually becomes our mindful choice.  

#2 Ask for guidance

I´ve noticed a couple of years ago that every time I´ve tried to achieve something by pushing and manipulating the circumstances into place I ended up frustrated and the thing I wanted was further away than ever. Here comes in handy to believe into power greater than yours. If you try to fit yourself into the role of the power which created you and this universe, you are inevitably going to suffer. This power makes the planets spin in the perfect proximity to each other, so why couldn´t it take care of your life, as well? Every time I find the courage to let go of my limited beliefs and expectations and trust the wisdom of my heart, something magical happens. That´s why I always end up my meditation by asking the divine intelligence, which manifests as the love in our heart, these three questions:

“Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say and to whom?”    (ACIM)

Asking for guidance allows our minds to rest and we are free to express who we really are without the fearful and anxious thoughts. The power of your being is going to shine through and life will rush to support you in anything you do, if you allow it to. Our Creator loved us into being and he gave us a free will, so without our permission he won´t decide for us. But once YOU consciously decide that your will and the will of love are one, the Earth is going to be flooded by miracles.

#3 Practice who you want to be

In order to take your power back and create a happy and fulfilling life, you have to be clear on what a happy life means to you. I love the idea that happiness is not created as a result of certain conditions but instead, certain conditions are a result of happiness. Your beingness or in other words, your state of consciousness, creates your experience. One of my favorite things, which doesn´t take longer than 5 minutes and I do it right after the morning meditation, is to literally practice myself into the state of being I would like to experience during my day. I created a Life planner worksheet, which is going to help you create a feeling of who you want to be by answering four simple questions. For me a prayer is the feeling in my heart. Every time we feel joy, happiness and excitement, God hears our prayers and creates the circumstances in our life, which are going to match the vibration of our hearts. We have an unlimited amount of energy, which is flowing through us and we can focus it in any direction, which is meaningful to us.

#4 Affirmations

When you have a few minutes for yourself, it can be either in the morning, during commuting or before you go to sleep, you might want to use this time to refocus yourself. The world is going to make you believe that you don´t have enough of anything and that you, yourself, are not enough. But in the depth of our heart, where all the truth lies, we know that we are enough and we have enough of everything to create a fulfilling and beautiful life, but our fearful thoughts are not allowing it. The disharmony between our fearful thoughts and the true knowing is causing us mental suffering. Affirmations can be very useful tools for realigning your mind with the knowing in your heart. I usually write down a couple of good feeling thoughts in the morning, while listening to some nice music. You can choose one affirmation for each day and in the moment when you´re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or sad, you´ll mentally come back to the chosen good feeling thought. You don´t even have to stop the activity you´re working on. Just remind yourself silently what you already know to be true for you, but what the world has overshadowed for a moment.

#5 Questioning your thoughts

The practice of questioning your stressful thoughts is going to lay a good foundation for learning to use the positive affirmations. When you´re anxious, sad or fearful, there is a stressful thought behind each of these emotions. You are not your judgmental, anxious thoughts. You are the kind, loving and compassionate person who you are without thinking those thoughts. Therefore, the gap between who you really are and who your thoughts are making you believe to be is causing you mental suffering. The best tool for questioning our fearful concepts is The Work of Byron Katie. If you´d like to create a habit out of questioning your stressful thoughts, I wrote a 21 day guide for releasing judgment, which you may find helpful.

I personally use these five rituals every day and I can´t describe the impact they´ve had on my life, so far. Regular practice of these exercises will help you to tap into an infinite power of your being and as a result your experience of life is going to shift. The speed with which it´s going to happen depends on your willingness to let go of the fear and lean into the power of your clarity and knowing. Whichever process you choose, the most important thing is to enjoy every second of it.

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2 thoughts on “Well-being rituals that have the power to change your life

  1. The Style of Laura Jane says:

    I loved reading this post! I continue to keep trying to take time to meditate. Everyone I know who does it, always talk about the difference it makes. And I really believe in questioning your thoughts as key to changing your mindset.

    1. A Miracle Workbook says:

      Thank you for stopping by Laura! At the beginning it’s sometimes difficult to sit down and meditate if only for five minutes, because your mind is going to find every excuse in the world why you don’t have to do it. However, if you’re going to practice consistently, there’s no way you wouldn’t feel the difference in your day when you’ve meditated in the morning. I’m excited for the changes that you’re going to experience 🙂.


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