The radical power of joy

The world doesn´t have the power to make you into something that you are not. Fear is loud and it is trying to silence the truth in you. However, love has always the last word. We can´t pretend forever to be something we are not. The price is too high and the result is resistance toward the world we see and an inner suffering. There is always a way out of unhappiness, but sometimes it requires from us to turn our values upside down. To seek happiness but to never find it, seems to be a common struggle of this world. But what if  we´ve been looking for it in the wrong place from the beginning of time?

The only place where you can look for and at the same time also find happiness is in your own heart. It is there where your truth lies and where you´ll meet the whole universe. You can´t and you won´t find happiness outside of yourself. Of course that doesn´t mean you can´t try. I stopped counting the times I´ve searched for happiness outside of myself – in a person, a place, a job or anything that could be used as an excuse not to look inside for the answers I´ve been seeking. However, a lot of us have been trying for so long to search outside of ourselves that we´ve forgot how it feels to come back home to who we really are, so let me remind you, how it feels to be in a state of pure grace and to let love flow through your life so it can be reflected in the outside world and in the lives of others.

When you let the love in your heart lead you, your decisions become radical. You suddenly remember that you were not born to suffer and that what the world has taught you was in opposition to what is true for you. The world is radical in its ways as well. It teaches us to stubbornly hate and fear and to be judgmental of everything that might offend our own precious opinions and self-righteousness. Our minds will fool us into believing that someone might steal our happiness and that there is never enough for everyone, so we should protect what´s ours and if someone has what we´ve wished for, it for sure means that there´s not enough left for us. When you decide for happiness, you have to love radically. First of all, you have to remember how to love yourself. You have to be filled up with your own love so it can start flowing into the lives you´ll touch along the way. When you´ve embraced all of you, not only those convenient parts, then even if someone insults you or makes a negative judgment, your self-esteem won´t drop, not even a little bit, because you know who you are and you know that the light inside of you can´t be touched by any trouble of this world. It melts them away one by one until the light is the only presence left when the troubles are gone.

Once you know how to love yourself, loving others comes naturally. You know how the fearful place they´re coming from feels and how confused they must be when they think that there is no hope. You´ll be compassionate, because you know that there´s truth that they can´t see yet and that there is everlasting happiness for which they haven´t decided completely. Nevertheless, you´ll be able to see beyond their fears and limitations. You won´t need to change anyone, because you remind yourself every second of every day that your only task is to love them like you love yourself – wholly and radically, not only when it´s convenient and easy. You don´t have time to notice the mistakes of others, because living radically means to be fully present in your life. I call this living radical, because in the end, it doesn´t matter how complex the problems you face might seem, the choice always lies between love and fear. Life is simple, even though our minds make it complicated. When you´re not at ease it means that you´ve decided that there is a part of yourself, which doesn´t deserve love.

I wondered how to find joy and where to look for it for so long, until I´ve gathered courage to stop looking and start listening to the truth in my heart. If you want freedom then you have to stop listening to everyone else. God created us and he gave us his power, love and knowing. Nevertheless, we doubt every little step along the way. We  don´t ask too much of life, but far too little. When you decide once and for all that you´re worthy and that you´re ready, this universe turns out to be friendly. If you are not sure about something, ask but then also listen. The answer was always with you. The thing is, that you have to listen with an open mind and an open heart, without fear of what the answer is going to be. Always believe in what´s in your heart. Your heart is sacred for God is there with you. Question your thoughts and then let them go until you´re able to believe only what´s true to your heart. Nothing less than that will do. Nothing less than that is going to make you happy.

“Joy is the sound that echoes through the universe.” Pat Rodegast

Joy comes to those who´ve decided that being filled with joy is more important to them than anything the world offers. They know that joy is who they are and they don´t have to go and look for it somewhere else or with someone else.  When you embark on the journey of the truth, you have to stop manipulating and pushing the little in your life, because the grand is waiting for you. You´ll have to always remind yourself that the circumstances in your life are not random and that it is God who´ s put them in place. There is nothing in this world that could oppose the will of love. Your only task is to decide whether your will and the will of God are one. From this point on, your life is going to be filled with ease and clarity, because you´ll know that you´re never walking alone. Your heart is big enough to contain the whole universe.

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4 thoughts on “The radical power of joy

  1. celly1989 says:

    Such a well written post. I agree 100%. There is this saying that I love that says “You can’t give from an empty cup. Love yourself first.” We can’t expect to love others if we do not first love ourselves, we cannot expect to derive our happiness from others if we are not happy by ourselves first. Great post 🙂


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