Let go of what you want, so you can receive what is truly yours


Letting go of what we think we need in order to allow life to bring us what´s truly ours is one of the most difficult but at the same time the most liberating things we´ll experience. If you are feeling frustrated, sad or angry lately over not being where you want to be in life or not getting what you want, know that something great is happening for you, and if you were able to tap into your true nature, which is love, you´d know it right here, right now. So why do we struggle and why does it sometimes seem that we´ve lost our way?

You are feeling powerless, because you´re relying on your own power

I believe that we are powerful. We have the power of the mind, which allows us to create our own reality. The power to decide for ourselves determines how we choose to live our life. Your opinion about yourself is going to determine how you´ll experience your life. A fearful mind creates a fearful world and a beautiful mind creates a beautiful world. However, our true power lies beyond the body and beyond the mind. The force, which holds the planets in the perfect distance from one another and which created you and me is the power that makes your heart´s desires come true. I call this power love, someone calls it God, but the word we ascribe to it is of no importance at all. What´s important is that we have a direct access to the power which created worlds. However, I don´t want you to think of this power as something outside of yourself. You are a part of this unlimited power, because it created you and you were never separate from it, not even for a second.

From time to time we may feel separated from the power that makes us breathe and wakes us up every morning and those are the times when we feel lost, limited and frightened. But let me assure you that you can never separate yourself from something that created you and that is eternal, all-encompassing and all-permeating. When you´re confused you´ve simply forgot who you are. So let me remind you that you are not your thoughts, neither your job, your achievements or what you consider to be your worst mistakes. You are the knowing in your heart, which tells you that everything is possible. You are the essence of freedom, which you can feel in your bones. You are the goodness, which cries when you judge or reject someone. So, what I mean by relying on your own power is the fact that we think we can manipulate the results or circumstances of our lives to match our will, by using either our physical or psychical force. And yes, I can´t deny that you can achieve what you´ve put your mind on, because your mind is very powerful, but if your goal is not in alignment with your heart, you´re not going to feel fulfilled at all after achieving it.

Only when you´re willing to surrender it all, you´re ready to receive what´s yours

Let me give you one of the many examples of what happens when you surrender to the power greater than you from my own life. While at the university, I wanted to earn some money, so I was looking for a part-time job that would allow me to do just that. But even though I tried really hard, there was no job available that would correspond with my skills and schedule. I was really frustrated because the majority of my classmates had already got a part-time job and I also wanted to bring some extra income for our household.  Finding this job, seemed to be impossible and it made me forget that life is always happening for us. The situation got to the point where I was feeling stressed and miserable all the time, so I decided to give up the search and just enjoy my time at the university. I completely surrendered, made peace with it, stopped obsessing over the job and I started enjoying my life. And do you know what happens when you give up and surrender it all? Three weeks later people from the university who were launching a new internship program called me whether I would like to participate as an intern. It was a paid internship and the hourly rate was higher than I would be paid in any regular part-time job. And, of course, I need to mention one more thing here. Every time when you let life unfold for you without manipulating it, it always exceeds your expectations. Therefore, the best part of it was that I got to work in one office with two of my classmates, who were also my really good friends.

I know that not in every situation you can afford to give up searching. So if you perceive that you need to do something do it, but never think that the divine intelligence, which created you stopped carrying. Love guides your steps even though, you think you´re forgotten, lost or condemned. We think that the circumstances of life do not cooperate with us, but we fail to remember who´s set the circumstances in place. There is no place, where God is not. Therefore, if you´re knocking on a door and they won´t let you in, you´re probably standing at the wrong house. I can say this with certainty now – if you´re supposed to be somewhere, life will send you an invitation and it would make sure you´ll be there on time, all dressed up and ready for your miracle. You will never have to force anything that´s truly yours.  Ever. However, you have to stay true to who you´re in your heart under all circumstances and trust the timing of God. From the spiritual perspective you can´t have something you think is missing from your life, because the fact that you think it is missing doesn´t allow you to see it, even if it was standing right in front of you. No amount of action on your part can substitute the power of alignment of your mind with your heart.

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Everything that is yours is on its way and nothing in this world can hold it apart from you,

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