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Imagine that the place where you are sitting and reading these lines right now encompasses a totality of all possibilities. You have the power to choose what you want to focus on according to where your heart is. The power that created us has put what we need here for us, but it´s up to us to accept it. It supplies everything from the air we breathe to the vegetation and the sunlight. This power holds the planets and the stars in their place and makes sure that the Sun is going to come up every morning. Well-being is what prevails on this planet and well-being is what we are naturally inclined to, when we´re not believing fearful thoughts. Everyone wants to feel good, we all want to be happy and live a fulfilling life. However, even though goodness is our true nature, we were given a free will to create a life reflecting who we think we are. Therefore, what you give to life, life will give back to you. Not to punish you, but because it thinks that what you´re giving is what you want to receive. That´s what love does, it gives everything without holding back. What we focus on increases, because where our focus goes there the energy flows.

Our thoughts carry energy. The best way to change thew way we feel is to pay attention to what we think. Feelings are simply said thoughts in motion in our body. Every time you think something, your body reacts to the given thought. This means that: “every thought creates a form on some level (ACIM).” Even if it´s at first only a feeling in your body. Nevertheless, if we keep thinking the thought again and again, it forms a belief. I´ve mentioned before that were our focus goes, our energy flows. Therefore, in this case the repeated thinking of a certain thought leads to creation of a thought pattern, which subsequently forms a belief. Our behavior stems from our beliefs. In other words, we act upon what we believe. If you believe that there are not enough resources, you´re going to compete for them with others. Here I would like to remind you that what you give life, life will give back to you. When you start competing, life will yield to you more like-minded people, you can compete with, because it thinks that´s what you want. If you believe that you can´t trust people, you don´t know how to built a relationship based on mutual respect, because such a relationship can´t co-exists with your beliefs. Your mind is going to do everything to prove to you that what you believe and what you see are one and the same. This is the most important stepping stone in the process of creating your life. We think that our experiences create our mindset. It means that what you experience forms what you believe. True creators know that projection creates perception. The thoughts you project unto the world you see, show you what you believe. Therefore, the world you see reflects what you gave it, nothing more. The things you get to experience are an outward picture of your inward state of mind.

“Perception is a result not a cause.”  ACIM

When you want to change the ways in which you experience the world, it´s enough to come back to yourself and look what you´re believing about the world. In order to be able to create a new thought pattern, we have to accept, examine and turn the old ones around. I´m offering you an easy way of releasing the thoughts that no longer serve you in this post. Once you´ve identified the thoughts that are causing something in your experience that you´d like to change, you can start working on them. We´ll never change anything by running away from it, because we always take our consciousness with us. If you admit once and for all that you have the power to create your own experience of life, you´re in a good place to start creating new belief patterns and, therefore, a new life. To create a new life you have to start telling a new story and the only person who needs to hear this story is you. It´s only your own opinion about yourself that is of importance and it is your opinion that affects what you´re receiving in your experience.

As you start telling a new story, it can feel unnatural to you. It´s caused by the momentum that accompanied the thoughts that you were thinking before. Now, you want to literally start moving in an opposite direction, so firstly, you have to create an opposite momentum. By embracing new thoughts we´re not trying to deny who you are. What we resist persists. That is why it is so important to be aware of your current thoughts and to acknowledge them. What you´re trying to do, is to transcend you current thinking that is based on fear and lean towards a new way of perception based on love. Of course it´s going to seem silly or unreal when you first start practicing new thoughts.  If it was natural to you, you wouldn´t have to do it in the first place, and you could reap the benefits of thinking your current thoughts. However, when you´ve decided they no longer serve you, it´s time to let them go. Let´s imagine that you´re planting a seed in the ground or you´re making a deposit in a bank. You know that you´re going to reap the harvest or receive an interest, if you stay consistent and trust the process. Your consciousness is the best bank you can have. Whatever you deposit there, you receive multiplied.

“The world you see but shows you how much joy you have allowed yourself to see in you, and to accept as yours.”  ACIM

I created a list of affirmations that you can start using when you can´t find the thoughts that would be reflecting the goodness that you deserve and which you want to create in your life. Affirmations are like the signs that are showing us which direction we want to go. They´re the seeds you´re planting because you know that whatever you give to life, life will give back to you.  You can download your AFFIRMATION WORKSHEETS HERE. Practicing good feeling thoughts means that you´ve had enough of fearful stories. You´ve had enough of feeling miserable and believing that you´re not worthy of good things happening to you. You´ve had enough of being stuck in one place and you´ve had enough of not becoming who you know you are in your heart. These affirmations are going to show you what your real Self is thinking. If you have a difficulty differentiating thoughts that are supporting your well-being from those that are hindering it, focus on how the thoughts feel. Every thought that feels bad is a thought based on fear; on the other hand, every good feeling thought is a thought based on love and is serving your purpose (you can read more about embracing joy here).


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The moment you start practicing new thoughts life can become – gently said – a little bit more interesting. When you start noticing the thoughts you´ve been thinking, it´s as if they´ve gotten worse and more unbearable. The truth is, your thoughts are the same, but you´ve just started seeing how destructive they´ve been all this time. Sometimes it is going to be difficult to stick to the process, because of the old thought patterns coming up. Always remember how far you´ve come and keep in mind the new life that is unfolding before you. All the worrisome thoughts are only a fear in disguise. That is why you´re feeling so out of alignment while thinking them. You can´t be focused on love and fear at the same time. You have to choose one or the other. In the moment you´re fearful, it´s because you didn´t choose love in the first place. But that is what this journey is going to be about. You´ll have to choose love even though, nobody else does. You´ll have to choose a positive thought even though, the evidence is not yet in place. You´ll have to give what you don´t think you have.  And in the moment of giving you´re going to realize that it´s been in you all the time.

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Download your worksheets HERE.

But, please note, that practicing a new you is not another chore you have to do. We treat ourselves as the most unworthy beings on the planet. We are not even able to count the times, when we´ve let ourselves down. If transcending your limiting beliefs were to be just one thing, let it be fun. You are at the edge of discovering what you´re able to create, when you´re going to use your mind in the service of love. Is there something more exciting? Feeling good is one of the most important parts of this process. When you´re feeling a certain way, you´re emitting energy, which has the same frequency as your feeling. Nevertheless, life gives us a chance to change the way we think, feel and, therefore, create every second of our lives. So let me remind you, right where you are is a totality of all possibilities. You can step up now and allow what´s yours to be received by you. It is your choice and yours only.

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