Be happy without a reason, so life can give you a reason to be happy


I often have this feeling that we don´t want to admit how good our life sometimes is. I´m sure you´ve experienced moments of joy, when everything was so perfect that you wanted it to last forever.  But almost as soon as you thought a thought: “Oh my gosh, I can´t believe how lucky I am…” another thought came right after the first one: “This is too good to be true, life can´t be this amazing all the time…”  We don´t allow ourselves to experience happiness to the fullest because we´re constantly looking for the things that might go wrong. Another reason may be that we´re afraid that life will stop delivering more of the good things, because we´ve become too satisfied with what we have. But let me say you this one thing: Don´t you worry about being too happy! We think we´re asking for too much, while in fact, we ´re asking for too little. Why is it so, and what can we do to change our mindset?

Stop listening to the limiting beliefs

Somewhere along the way we´ve started believing the thoughts that tell us we are not enough. We´re not smart enough, not beautiful enough, not popular enough,… Then there are these thoughts that tell us we don´t have enough. We don´t have enough energy, enough friends, enough experience, enough luck, enough love. But in the depth of our heart, where all the truth lies, we know that we are enough and we have enough of everything to create a fulfilling and beautiful life, which we came here to live, but we are not allowing it. The disharomny between your fearful thoughts and the true knowing is causing you mental suffering. It´s the fear that is asking you: Who do you think you are? While the love in your heart says: You are all that and much, much more. Which one are you going to listen to? But decide carefully, because this decision is going to determine the way your life will unfold.

Stop listening to the opinions of others

Opinions of others are still only thoughts, but these are the thoughts that somebody else is thinking and stating out loud. I believe that our thoughts carry a certain type of energy. This energy is stemming either from love or from fear. If someone is thinking hateful or limiting thoughts, it´s because they´re living in a place of fear. That doesn´t mean that this person should be judged for the kind of thoughts they are thinking. Usually these limiting thoughts are learned. We´ve heard them somewhere or we´ve learnt them from our parents and teachers and friends and we don´t have enough knowledge about how the mind works, so we don´t question them.

In order to explain you the creative process, I´ll return one more time to the fact that we´re always emitting a certain type of energy. By thinking kind, loving thoughts that are actually true to who we are, we´re creating kind and loving world.  By thinking fearful and limiting thoughts, which are in opposition to our true nature, we´re creating a divisive and fearful world. The good news is that it´s up to you to choose what kind of world you want to create. If you don´t know what kind of thoughts are true to who you are, then first of all, you need to get still and listen to your own truth. When you´re thinking a thought and it FEELS good, like I´m enough… or I love my wife because…, then you´ve just entertained a thought, which is in alignment with your heart. If you think a thought and it doesn´t feel good, then it´s a fear based thought that is not true to who you really are. In order to know your truth you have to stop believing the opinions of others. How? By coming back to the way you feel. If someone says something and it doesn´t feel good, it´s because it´s not in alignment with your optimal state of being.

The only opinion that matters is yours

We get so caught up in the shoulds and shouldn´ts and in the ways how the things are supposed to be that we often lose ourselves in the opinions of the world. Maybe somewhere along the way you´ve started to believe the thoughts like: This is as good as it gets…, I can´t change, I´ve been like this most of my life…, I don´t deserve good things happening to me…, I never achieve what I want, I´m too lazy… They don´t feel good, do they? They suck the life right out of you. Do you know why? Because these thoughts are not who you are! You and everyone around have been repeating them so often that you´ve started to believe them.

“Beliefs are just thoughts that we keep thinking.” Abraham Hicks

If you´re tired of feeling drained then the next time you´re feeling that way, go back to your thoughts and pay attention to what you´re thinking. When you catch yourself thinking one of the depleting thoughts, try to find a better feeling alternative that you could start thinking. For instance, if you were thinking: I can´t achieve anything, because I´m too lazy… you can shift it into – actually, this morning I´ve managed to get out of the bed, I brushed my teeth and made myself breakfast. In school I was always good at the subjects that I was interested in and I loved to help out our teacher with decorating the classroom for special events. Even my friends tend to compliment me on my decorating skills. Maybe I´m not lazy, I was probably only focusing on the wrong things. I´ve always wanted to try out interior decorating classes. I think I´m going to sign myself up for one of those… We take our minds too seriously. Once you´ve loosen the grip of your mind, your world is going to shift. And all you need to accomplish this, is just to give yourself permission to question your thoughts and to choose those that are in tune with the goodness that you already are.

Be happy without a reason, so life can give you a reason to be happy

“There´s a law in this world: when you think life is so good that it can´t get any better, it has to.” Byron Katie

Life always provides you with things, people and circumstances that are a match to who you are. If you´re worried, you´ll receive more things to worry about. If you don´t believe in yourself, people are not going to treat you with respect. We´re so afraid that something might go wrong and we´re all the time waiting for the other shoe to drop, that we have no energy left to create a shift in a positive direction. By not allowing yourself to be happy right now, you´re not getting ready for the difficult situations, you´re just fighting against your own birthright. Can you imagine the amount of the creative energy that would be released, if we stopped worrying all the time? So, let´s write a new story. If you have a belief that you´d like to change write the new version down. And keep writing it down as many times as you need, until you start believing it. Remember, beliefs are just thoughts that we keep thinking. Don´t let anyone tell you how your story is going to end. Listen only to your own heartbeat, it´s never ever going to lie. If it tells you that you´re worthy, then it´s so. If it tells you that you can do it, then it´s already done. If it tells you that you´re worthy of all that is good and beautiful, then believe it. You´re worthy, you´re loved and you´re capable of everything you put your mind to. It doesn´t mean that if others are choosing to be miserable you can´t choose joy. Joy is your purpose, your inheritance and your fulfillment. Life attracts life, light attracts light. If you manage to embrace joy, you´re going to radiate it in every situation and to whomever you´ll find yourself with. Soon, life is going to provide you with more things to be happy about.

You deserve all that is good!

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