Releasing worries and getting comfortable with the unknown


It´s easy to find peace when we have a 10-year life plan and everything is running smoothly for us. It´s somewhat more difficult to be at peace when your life is suddenly out of control. Do you know those moments when you think you did everything as you should, but life didn´t turn out the way you planned? And maybe now when you are reading this post, your future is more uncertain than ever before. Well, let me ease your mind about it a little bit. No one who walks this Earth has it all figured out at once and even if they did, it certainly didn´t go the way they planned.

We are not fearful of the future, we are fearful of our thoughts about the future

When we are overwhelmed by anxiety and fear of future, it´s because we are projecting our thoughts onto something that doesn´t even exist. Future is only a concept in our mind, but it´s such a powerful concept that it can influence the way we´re feeling NOW.  I believe that our thoughts shape our reality. Our mindset is responsible for how we experience our present, how we experienced our past and how we´ll experience our future. However, the only moment in time over which we have power is in the now.

If you´re feeling overwhelmed by the uncertainty, you´re overwhelmed by what´s happening right now in your imagination. The good news is, since you´re the one imagining how your future is going to turn out, you´re the one who can imagine a different outcome. Let me ask you a question. Why are we thinking all these What if… stressful thoughts? What if something bad happens?…, What if I lose my job?…, What if I´ll never find a love of my life?…, What if I try it and I´ll fail?… . I´m persuaded that we´re thinking this kind of thoughts out of a habit. We are not used to questioning our mind. Imagine how your life would look like, if you believed everything that people told you. Now, look around and see how your life looks like when you believe everything you think. If you like what you see, keep believing the stories you tell yourself. However, if you don´t like the way your life manifests itself, it´s time to look at all the stressful thoughts you are thinking.

What if the moment you are so afraid of is meant to help you become who you´ve always wanted to be?

“Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late.” Byron Katie

When everything goes wrong and we feel like we´re going to go crazy from all the worrisome thoughts swirling in our heads, being grateful for the miraculous ways life works, is the last things that comes to our mind. Getting some perspective can help us to see the bigger picture of our life that is right now being painted by the hand of love. I want you to know that you were created from love and it literally breathed life into you. And even though sometimes you can´t find it in your heart and you´re questioning your whole existence, know that it´s there. Love is inside of you, waiting patiently for your worries to step aside and let her show you the way.  Love doesn´t make us stupid or weak. Real love is not sentimental. Real love is clear, peaceful and life giving. Imagine if you could tap into a space of love and clarity in the midst of your outer turmoil. How would it influence your decisions? I guess you´d be at ease and peace and you´d be able to see things clearly. Is that weak? And the thing is, the situation that is bothering you is not going to change until you do. So let´s suppose for a moment that the uncertainty is not happening to you but for you. What if this moment was preparing you for the next one to come? If you look back at your life, wouldn´t taking away the difficult moments, mean taking away a part of you that was created from living the life you´ve lived so far? The only thing left to do for us in a moment of uncertainty is to love every piece of our life until it falls into place.

Inner peace is a choice

“Ego says, ‘Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.’ Spirit says, ‘Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.’” – Marianne Williamson

There are no neutral thoughts. Either you think thoughts of love or thoughts of fear. Each thought we think is an alternative based on one of these two foundations. We are creating our future right now and it´ll be only in the now that you´ll ever be able to experience your future. Do not let your worries and expectations steal from you as much as one second of your precious life.

As I mentioned I love the idea that we´re creating our lives anew every second of every day. But in order to create more of something, we have to appreciate what we have first. So, how to find joy and love even when you don´t know what´s going to happen next? I believe that happiness is a choice. And our choices define who we are and who we are going to be.

I invite you to try, even if for a week or two, to focus on everything good that you already have, like your life depended on it, because, in fact, it does. If a worrisome thought comes, acknowledge it´s existence but don´t mistake it for who you really are. Instead, if you feel worried, choose the first feeling good thought that you can think of. I added below a list of good feeling thoughts that may help you in the times of uncertainty. I´m sure it will feel unnatural, at first, to choose your thoughts as you choose what to wear in the morning; however, cutting through the thoughts that are not true to who we are, is the quickest way to inner peace and freedom. It´s like working out, you may not see results immediately, but if you stick to a healthy routine, the changes won´t take long.



I´m not, in any way, trying to persuade you to believe these thoughts. I´m just offering you a few alternatives to stressful thoughts we keep believing. Our thoughts come and go, but we can decide whether we´re going to believe them or not.

What I can always count on, even in the times of uncertainty is the love in my heart. It is the love in our hearts that is lighting up the future for us. When we stop living half-hearted lives and we start living to the fullest right now, there is nothing to be afraid of. Every mistake is just a reminder to get back on the right path and every uncertainty is pointing us in the right direction and shaping us into more loving and more beautiful versions of ourselves.

I´m excited for all the blessings that you´re about to experience!

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  1. Great article…I agree with what you said..some.other things I like to do is to meditate or do some yoga as these help to connect you with the present moment and move your mind from worrying about the future. 🙏

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