Let´s plan a December full of joy!


I believe that everyone needs a little bit of magic in their life. However, sometimes we lose our spark in the daily duties and responsibilities. What I like to do, is to set a few minutes aside each morning and during that time I get clear on my intentions and focus for a given day. When is a better season to start believing in miracles again than during these holidays? That´s why I created a four-week December planner with an intention to bring back a little bit of magic into our lives. For me, personally, Christmas was always a feeling. A feeling, that everything is possible, if we have a pure heart and a loving mind.

This planner is divided into four weeks and each of them has its own theme. The first week is focused on letting go and new beginnings. Receiving and letting go, both, represent parts of one never-ending cycle. We can´t go through life without letting go of what no longer serves us. During the second week we focus on giving. What should we give? The best is to give exactly what you would like to receive yourself… In the third week we are leveraging the power of our focus. You´ll receive more of what you focus on and what you treasure. Sometimes, in order to find the magic in everyday life, it´s enough to start looking for it. Your mind is very capable of bringing the supportive evidence for your beliefs. Lastly, in the fourth week of December we are going to celebrate the grace of love and every blessing we received during the year. The Christmas spirit brings with itself festivity, joy and celebration. We cherish every moment and every opportunity we were entrusted with. We get to celebrate the joys of success and the blessings of failure. In the last week we are embracing the feeling of life´s eternal grace and so we´ll be able to carry it with us all year round.

I love the idea of us creating and shaping our own life and happiness with our thoughts, beliefs and inspired action. My hope is that this planner will serve you to write down the wishes of your heart and that it´ll help you to believe that everything is possible once you start believing in it.

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You can download your free December Planner HERE.


May the spirit of Christmas light up your heart,


A Miracle Workbook

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