Daily planner for ease and flow

Morning is without a doubt my favorite part of the day and l would love to bring some flow into your mornings, as well. I always make sure that I have a few minutes for myself every morning so I can set my intentions for the day ahead. I believe that our thoughts shape our reality and our decisions define our life. If we feel overwhelmed by the outer circumstances and we can´t connect to our center, it´s probably because we didn´t take time to get clear on who we want to be in the world. Imagining what I want my day to be like and feel like, helps me to take my power back and instead of reacting to start creating the life I want to live. I can´t tell you how differently I feel when I´ve set a few minutes aside and I´ve decided on the purpose I want to infuse into my day. Clear mind creates clear life and sometimes it helps to see our day mapped out in a nice planner. Therefore, I am sharing with you a new daily planner. This one is divided into two sections. The left side is designed to help you to set the feeling for a given day. Moreover, it will help you to organize the activities on the right side of the planner in a way that will bring ease into everything that lies ahead of you. When filling out the What´s today going to feel like section, it´s important to actually feel the feeling you´d like to experience. If you practice the desired feelings every morning, your mind and body will be able to come back to them during your day and it´ll be easier to shift your day into a chosen direction if  you´d momentarily get off the track. Sometimes in life there are things we can´t control or change immediately, so that´s what the I´m trusting God in section is for. It helps you to release the mental resistance you carry because of circumstances you can´t influence. The Gratefulness section is focusing our mind on what we are already grateful for and allows us to receive more of what we love and value.

daily planner      daily planner b

There is no right or wrong way of using the planner. I hope it serves you in anything you´ll set your mind on. The planner comes in two different designs and you can download yours for free by clicking HERE if you prefer the pink version or HERE if you like the white one.

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