How to stay focused on what matters in the world of chaos?


A few years ago, every morning when I woke up, I had this weird feeling that I am not in control of my life. There was nothing particular happening that I could be looking forward to, neither was there a feeling of sense or purpose which would inspire me. I thought I had to get through the day of random events and do whatever needs to be done that day in order to survive till the weekend. I believed I should do what was expected from me – I should go and study so I can get a job, get a house and wait for the last day, when the suffering will be over. I was persuaded there has to be more to life than that, however, I wasn´t able to figure it out for a while. Until one they I read a book by Anthony de Mello called Awakening. It suddenly opened my mind. If I had to describe the feeling I had after finishing this book, it was kind of like waking up from a deep sleep into a whole new reality. It seemed to me that l was for the first time in my life able to stop identifying myself with the thoughts which were swirling in my mind. Instantly a comforting feeling of peace, love and warmth spread all over my body and mind. In that feeling which wasn´t dependent on anything in this world I found a sense of freedom that I haven´t experienced before. I woke up to the realization that I am responsible for the way I live my life and there is nothing and no one other than me, who could influence my sense of happiness and well-being.

I understood that the course of my life is in my hands and I have the power to change my thoughts and, therefore, to change my feelings and finally to change my life. My darling friend, if I could give you just one gift, it would be the realization that your life matters, you can create yourself anew in every moment of every day and even when you think that nobody is looking so your actions doesn´t matter, know, that you are always looking and your thoughts and actions are never lost. The energy you give out to the world can´t disappear, it can be only transformed into something else, which will sooner or later come back to you. It is the sweetest feeling to know that you have the power to create your own life. This power results from the understanding that you are not your thoughts and you can choose what kind of thoughts you are going to entertain in your mind. You can meet your fearful thoughts and opinions of others with understanding but then you have the power to choose for yourself what you want to believe and, therefore, create in your own experience. This is the feeling that excites me now every morning I wake up. I feel the presence of the grace of life supporting me every day and I know I am being taken care of by love itself. I wouldn´t be in this world and in my body if it wasn´t so. 

The world can add nothing to who we are, but it can blind us to the power that lies within us. Truth can only be experienced. It can´t be explained or described. Painful experiences make us aware of conditions which are hiding our truth.  Without a sense of true power coming from the knowing of who you and your values are, the world will knock you off your feet again and again. Going out into the world in order to find meaning is like thinking the image in the mirror is the real you, when in fact it´s only an illusion. YOU give meaning to your experience. You get to choose every morning of every day, who you are going to be in the world and what you are going to create. If we wait until all the circumstances and relationships   in our lives are perfect, we are going to wait forever. Without appreciating the things we´ve been given to take care, for instance our family, our work and people we interact with during the day, we are always going to end up feeling empty and striving for something more which is only an illusion of mind that is never satisfied. When you let go for a moment of all the shoulds and shouldn´ts , the truth will reveal itself to you and you´ll see that life supports you in every moment of your existence. It´s what love does. It gives everything and holds nothing back.

When we don´t find time to get clear on who we want to be in the world, we are going to lose a sense of who we are in the busyness of everyday life. Your awareness is like flash-light. It will bring light to whatever you point it at. Your thoughts, feeling, words and actions are powerful. If you don´t decide in advance who you want to be and what you want to experience in every situation, you´ll miss its meaning. If we don´t practice clarity of mind, we won´t be able to express our inherent qualities of love, goodness, understanding and ability to connect, in difficult situations. Instead we will react from our learned thought patterns. The process of becoming who you are requires you to look fear in the eye and decide that love is going to take its place. In the moment you choose love over fear, clarity over chaos the whole world bows to you and the uncertainty of temporary existence is replaced by eternity of life dedicated to light.

I created this free printable WORKSHEET for you to use it every day before you step out into the world. Set aside five minutes of stillness and get clear on your values. Writing down what you treasure the most will help you to stay on your path during the day. Answering the questions in the second part of the worksheet will help you set the intentions for the day and they will give you direction towards action, which are in alignment with your values. When what you think, speak and do are in harmony, you live with grace and clarity:


5 values

You can download your free daily planner by clicking HERE.

Now, I would really like to know what your 5 values are and how you live them out in your life, so feel free to share them with us in the comments section below. I hope you are going to have a lot of fun planning your day out this way.

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