The lost art of prayer


Whether you do it consciously or unconsciously, you are praying every moment of every day. How is it possible? A Course in Miracles defines prayer as a means of communication of the created with the Creator. There are as many ways to pray as there are human beings who “do the praying”. A traditional prayer would probably include a deity we are praying to (Dear God,…), because with so many people on the planet praying at once, how can God possibly know that he should be listening to you now? Then the prayer includes some specific request (if you provide me with enough money to go on this vacation…) and a conclusion with a thank you note or some of us, who are a little bit more desperate, may even try to bribe God (… I would be eternally grateful to you and I would stay at home until the rest of my life afterwards!).  Finally, we have to wait and see, whether God decides to answer our prayers or whether he is too busy helping someone else on the other side of the world to get the girl of their dreams.

According to the ancient art of prayer, this is not how the prayer is being “done”. First of all, you are not talking to someone who exists outside of you. The force that created the universe, you and me still dwells inside each of us. It manifests itself as the feeling of love, hope and peace, as the energy that moves your body, grows the flowers and wakes you up every single morning. This force is closer to you than the air you breathe. It knows your every single thought, wish and hope. It is the sacred presence that permeates our being and our world. The way you communicate with life is through your feelings. Behind every feeling there is a thought which preceded it. For instance, when you receive a thought, you literally see it unfold in your mind´s eye and it creates a feeling in your body. These feelings can be felt in different parts of your body as contractions or expansions; however, the center from which our feelings emanate is our heart. When you are sad or hurt it feels like somebody is trying to pull your heart out of your body, but on the other hand, when you are in love, you feel a comforting pleasant feeling radiating from your heart center spreading all over your body and literally lighting up your whole being.

There is a whole science behind the art of prayer. Did you know that the power of our heart can be actually measured? Scientists at the HeartMath Institute found out that our heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. In addition, its electrical field is 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves. The power of love, which is generated by our hearts, is beyond our understanding and the effects of its healing and life-giving power can´t be possibly measured. Reciting a prayer without actually feeling the feeling of love and gratitude is not going to change anything in your experience. You can´t trick life into creating something in your experience which is not in alignment with who you are. Let´s break down the art of prayer, so instead of doing it, we will start living it. It is sort of like being on a healthy diet. You can either exercise once a month and eat something healthy occasionally for a week and then fall back into an unhealthy routine or you can make a lifestyle out of it, when you eat healthy and exercise most of the time. It will require practice and consistency, however, the benefits are so worth it. Embodying the prayer is the only way to live your heart´s desires.


Art of prayer


1. Accepting the situation as it is.

You have probably heard it before, but I am going to repeat it once again, because it is really important for us to move past our perceived limitations: “What you resist persists.” It is not possible for you to be angry, annoyed or irritated by a situation or a person (or their absence) and at the same time for the situation to change. Wherever our focus goes, our energy flows. We don´t want to add more resistance towards what we want to change, heal or let go off, because it is no longer serving us. We want to transcend the perceived “issue”. The easiest way to do this is to acknowledge that life is not happening to us but for us. Therefore, every uncomfortable thing is here to bring us closer to who we truly are and to shed unnecessary layers of illusions that are clouding the light within us and that are not allowing the beauty of our heart to shine through our personality. All learning is in fact remembering; every experience is here to make you remember what your heart already knows. You are more powerful than you have ever dared to dream and more courageous than anything this world is going to present you with. Bless every hardship and every dark thought, because its purpose is to show you the light you are capable of being. And remember: “…whatever you look at disappears.” The decision to live from our heart helps us to accept the situation as it is, instead of creating mental resistance that is only a gap between what our heart knows and what our mind thinks. Then we can move to accepting the situation as a part of our life, which we want re-create, because it no longer represent who we want to be.

2.  Acknowledging there is a power greater than you.

When we are fearful or anxious it is always because we rely on the limited power of our minds. I am sure you had those days when you tried to figure out your whole life, driving yourself mad, because no matter how hard you tried, you weren´t able to plan all the life events that will take place in the span of the next 50 years, or so. If you try to fit yourself into the role of the power which created you, you are inevitably going to suffer, because, frankly, even if I don´t know you personally, I suppose you don´t have enough expertise to make the planets revolve around the Sun. The best things that have happened in my life so far were much better than I could have ever possibly imagined or hoped for. I could have planned what I wanted to happen in my mind  for days and days but shortly after I had got so exhausted and overwhelmed that I finally gave up, something magical always happened. I didn´t have to plan how or who or when, I just needed to know in my heart why. And the why is always the happy feeling you feel when you receive the desire.

3. Believing in your heart´s desire.

“A dream is a wish your heart makes”. There is a difference between a wishful thinking and truth which was born in your heart and wants to be expressed through you. The first one creates suffering because you think that your happiness is depended on a person/situation/condition that is lacking in your life. The other one is the peak of creation, because you create from the feeling of fulfillment and love that penetrates whatever you do. You don´t do it because you think something is lacking and you need to accomplish certain goal to experience the feeling of fulfillment. You came to know that life is providing you with everything you need in every moment of your existence. You create for the pure joy of being alive and flowing the energy of love to what matters to you the most. You no longer want to change anything or anyone, you just want to experience the process of becoming who you know you are in your heart. The only thing you can change is yourself and the circumstances will match the new state of your being. In order to embrace the joy you feel in your heart, when you ponder what love is able to manifest through you, you have to let go off every thought of lack, fear and doubt which robs you of clarity and creative power. There are many ways you can work on this (you can for instance try a 21 day plan for releasing stressful thoughts). Whatever practice you start doing its primary purpose should be to align your mind with the truth in your heart.

4. Releasing the outcome.

When you make sure you live your life from the wisdom of your heart and you find time every day to align your mind with the truth of who you are, you don´t have to worry about the outcomes. The power of your presence will be lighting up the world of fear and limitation. Now, you are a living prayer. Your heart´s desires supported by a belief which is not weakened by fearful thoughts will radiate from the center of your being out into the world. It will rearrange all the opportunities in the field of infinite possibilities and it will make sure that when the time is right and you are ready, what you have manifested in your feelings first, will be there to support who you have become. It will be visible also for those who haven´t seen you carrying it with you in your heart for a while, before it became your reality. When you decide that life is good, it will support you in any way you wish to express the truth of your being. The only thing you have to do is to start taking small steps in the direction of who you want to become and life will take care of the rest.


From my heart to yours,

A Miracle Workbook

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