Daily planner for a meaningful life

“If you do not go within, you will go without.”

This is a truth by which I live my life.

In order to take your power back and create a happy and fulfilling life, you have to be clear on what a happy life means to YOU.

I love the idea that happiness is not created as a result of certain conditions but instead, certain conditions are a result of happiness. Your beingness or in other words, your state of consciousness, creates your experience.

If we want to have love in our lives, we have to BE love first. If we want to experience kindness in our world, we have to BE kind to others. Everything you need to create the life you want to live is already within you. Every day, when you wake up, you have an unlimited amount of energy, which is flowing through you, and you can focus it in any direction that is meaningful to you. This is called a free will.

Without taking the time and learning how to work with this energy we are going to create by accident.

The world constantly demands our attention and if we do not take the time to get still and harness our inner power, we will live a powerless lives of dissatisfaction, lack and anxiety. We become what we believe ourselves to be. Believing you have no power over your own life and listening to others’ ideas of what success and happiness looks like, is a prescription for suffering.

Only when you put some time aside and get clear on how you want to live your life and why, you´ll experience the highest state of freedom. This kind of freedom allows you to re-create yourself anew in every moment and to set the vibrational atmosphere for the situations and relationships you want to experience. Checking your phone or turning the TV on, the first thing in the morning, is probably not going to get you into a state of mental clarity.

Are you eager to learn how to create a day where you are not influenced by the meaningless chatter of the world and where you set the tone for your experiences?

If the answer is yes, I invite you to try a practice that will shift the way you use your energy and focus.

Below you can find a daily planner designed to help you create a life that is going to feel good and that is going to be meaningful to you.

This planner is different from the ones you are used to, because instead of writing down your to do list, you are going to reflect on a few questions.

The answers to these questions, will help you to set your day up for clarity and purpose. You can print it and then fill it out every morning right before you start your day. Your mornings are the ideal time for this exercise, because you´re still focused and you´re not distracted by any of the tasks for the given day.

This worksheet can be done as a form of meditation, when you ask yourself the questions and you wait for the answers. There´s no need to rush this process. Trust that the answers will come up and go with those that resonate with your intuition.

In order to create a meaningful life, we have to ask meaningful questions. There´re no right or wrong answers in this practice. These are going to be YOUR answers, because it is YOUR life.

You have the free will to create the greatest version of yourself according to your desires and wisdom of your heart. No one knows your heart better than you do. It just takes a little bit of practice and stillness to be able to recognize its voice and that´s, what this exercise is for.

You can download your free Life planner HERE.

Miracle planner

When you are answering the first two questions: Who do I want to be? and How do I want to feel?, try to feel the feeling of the words you are writing down. Your prayer is the feeling in your heart. By feeling these states of being you practice them and then later in the day you are still able to remember how the way you want to BE felt.

When you are able to tap into these feelings regardless of the conditions you are in, you are on your way to master the art of living a fulfilling life.

Emodying the state you want to create magnetizes to you the right people and situations.

The third question: How do I want to make the others feel?, helps you to realize that what you give, you become. Every act, every intention, every thought sent out into the world will sooner or later come back to its source. More accurately, thoughts never leave their source, that´s why what we think, we become.

The last one, What do I want to create?, helps you to focus YOUR energy on things that matter to YOU. It´s purpose is to teach you that the only power you have is the power over your own life and when you focus on the lives of others and compare yourself to their lives, you rob yourself of the vital energy and you are scattered all over the place.

Therefore, in order to create something meaningful to you, you need to learn to focus your energy and power of feelings, even if only for ten minutes every morning. The basis for this exercise is that it should FEEL good, because your life should feel GOOD, too.

During those ten minutes you are “rehearsing” your day and you allow the energy to flow out from your heart into the world and your day will be aligned with who you are in that moment.

For you to realize the power of this practice and to set the ritual of taking time to create who you want to be in this world, I suggest you try filling the planner out every morning for a month. This will be enough time for you to start connecting the way you feel to the experiences you have during the day.

By practicing regularly, your energy will shift and by the end of the month you will be looking forward to practicing the way you want to feel every morning. For me, this is my favorite part of the day, because there are infinite possibilities waiting for each of us.

You can download your free printable Life planner HERE.

My wish for you is to enjoy the process while creating the life that is meaningful for you,

A Miracle Workbook

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