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Do you know that feeling, when you are reading a book and you have to stop at a specific sentence because it resonates with you so much, you want to ponder it for a little while? I am talking about the phrases that deep down in your being you know are true and they bring you instant clarity and a feeling of coming home. I like to write those sentences down, so I can come back to them every now and then. Often times, when I practice my morning meditation, make notes, or go for a walk I receive a thought which I immediately write down, so it´s meaning won´t escape my mind. Many of these thoughts feel like new revelations and they are usually so contradicting to our current patterns of thinking that we need to write them down and internalize them, even though they feel very natural and true to who we are:

1. Life celebrates when you become a person who is willing to let go of limiting thoughts, because it has so many gifts and only a few feel worthy to receive them.

This is exactly an opposite of what the world is telling us. People believe in this fear-based notion that there is only a certain amount of everything to go around and if you are not quick and loud enough, you will miss on it. For me, personally, it is still sometimes hard to use this thought, especially, with things I care for a lot. It is easier to believe there is a lot of something you don´t want that much. However, it is much harder to believe it, when there´s this one shiny thing you want, but there is also twenty other people waiting in line for it. Do you know what I´ve found out? Every time I wanted a shiny thing and I did my best to get it and the shiny thing went to someone else…, it was not for me. It´s as simple as that. Why I know that it wasn´t for me? Because, by the time I gave up, another thing came to me, and even though it didn´t seem to be as shiny at first, neither was it the thing I wanted, it was a perfect match to my heart´s desire. And sometimes it took me a little bit longer to figure out why it was exactly what I needed; nevertheless, it was always better than the initial thing I was chasing after. I promise you, that there is this whole storage of things, situations, opportunities and blessings created by the power of your heart´s desire, waiting to materialize right in front of you, and your name and address and phone number are written all over them. The reason why they are not in your life YET, is that you either don´t believe you are the person who can receive something wonderful or you think you can´t be happy without that thing. In both cases your state of being is not letting those things in, which takes us to the next statement…

2. Manifestations STOP the moment when you try to do it yourself. Chill out and receive what´s yours. 

I stopped counting the times when I gave up on something, stopped pushing, went on doing something else and completely forgot about it and that was the moment when the thing I was wishing for appeared magically in front of me and I almost couldn´t believe it. Every time you chase or pursue anything, it´s because you think you´re not worthy and you have to go out and prove yourself. This is different from the actions you do for the pure joy of doing them, or because it´s satisfying and you feel you are creating something meaningful. What I am talking about are situations when you´ve done your best and you know there is no possible way you can do something more about it. Now comes the time to place the future in the hands of God. If you believe that there is a power greater than yours and this power makes you breathe and makes your heart beat, why wouldn´t it also be able to find the right job for you, or the right lover, or provide you with enough abundance to support your work in this world?

3. When you are fearful, you don´t rely on God/Life completely and in everything.

Relying on our own force is what makes us so stressed out all the time. There are simply not enough hours in a day to control all the people and circumstances you think you need to control for you to achieve the things you want to achieve. For instance, imagine how you met your best friend. What if she/he decided to move to another city before you met, or what if her/his parents decided not to have children? That´s where the magic of life lies – you can dream of something but life has even bigger dream for you, reality is always kinder than our fearful thoughts. Basically, you have to make a decision, whether life is happening to you or for you. If it´s happening for you, then you don´t have to be afraid of anything going wrong because everything is an opportunity for you to know your self, beauty, strength and power. 

4. The power of belief is an infinite power against which no earthly force is of slightest significance. When you make the two – thought and emotion – one, you´ll say to the mountain: “Move away!” and the mountain will move away.

When you are thinking about something and you don´t feel any emotional reaction to your thoughts, then you are most likely not manifesting anything new in your life. Where is your heart, there is your treasure. And what you cherish, you´ll create. It is the feeling of love, joy and expansion, that you feel when you see or think of something you´d like to experience yourself, which creates the actual experience in your life. A feeling of fear and contraction create your life circumstances as well, but in an opposite way. In the end, the freedom of free will lies in the decision, which master you want to serve – fear or love? Fear creates illusions which are, nevertheless, very real for the person who created them and it takes a lot of courage and self-reflection and questioning of thoughts to get past these illusions. Love creates always for the highest good of everyone. When your belief in your vision is fueled by love, you can be certain that it´s creation´s gift to you and it´s working its magic through you. Your part is to believe you´re worthy and capable of receiving any righteous desire of your heart. If you pray for something it can never happen. The moment you pray for it, you´ve acknowledged it´s not here now. Just close your eyes and feel the feeling as if it has already happened. And then give thank and appreciation for that, which has already happened.

5. Even when the whole world is telling you something else, always believe in what´s in your heart.

No one knows how to live your life better than you do. When we get confused we have this tendency to ask people around us what we should do. To save you time and some painful lessons, I will tell you a secret: Nobody knows what you should do with your life, where you should go, what you should say and to whom. We are asking everybody else what we should do, because it´s just easier than to sit still and listen to our own heart. We are afraid that we might find there something we don´t want to do, yet, or something we are not qualified enough to do or something that would require more courage than we are able to gather. I can share how this works for me. I usually avoid listening to my own truth for all of the reasons mentioned above. This will usually reach a point where I become so fed up with myself and my fears – and living outside of who I am will be more painful than actually facing my fears – that I would give it a try. I would do the thing I knew I should do and I would feel amazing. Sometimes not while doing it (for instance when you have to apologize to someone, or start working out or start to work at a new position) but you know it was a right thing to do when you feel peace as soon as you´ve done it. Regular practice like meditation can help us to infuse our lives with more clarity and can help us to get rid of redundant chatter we constantly carry with us in our minds. You heart´s decisions will bring you peace, clarity, joy and expansion. Decisions arising from fear will feel like giving up, contraction, sadness and anxiety. If I have a vision for my life that sprang from my heart and I am certain that it will manifest but I don´t know yet how, I like to remind myself that God´s ways are ingenious and his methods are sure.

Each of these thoughts is able to change your life if you decide to give them a chance. Like anything else, changing your life from inside out is a process, too, and it takes a while to be able to embrace a new way of thinking. Nevertheless, it´s then even more satisfying to see the miraculous changes take place in your life.

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