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A few years ago I received A Course in Miracles (ACIM) as a Christmas gift. When I started reading it for the first time, I found it really hard to understand. The terminology used in the book was for me, as a person who didn´t grow up in a religious household, too far off.  In the following years I´ve put the book away several times but then started to read it again every now and then, until I finally gave it a try and did the lessons from the workbook as a part of my morning meditation. I still continue with this practice every day. ACIM is basically a metaphysical book, which contains a thought system based on transcending fear by leaning towards the thoughts of love and removing the blocks to its awareness. The text starts with a chapter on principles of miracles, which is a beautifully written text and once you understand its meaning and use the principles in your own life it will literally change your world. Here are some of the principles with my thoughts on them and the ways they can be used in your everyday practice:

1. Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle.

If you´re like me I bet you´ve been always looking for some kind of superpower which could possibly change your life. I thought all the successful (which I now understand is a very relative word) and fulfilled people had some secret formula for their happiness or maybe some magical trick or maybe they were just born lucky. What I´ve came to realize through living life, studying and practicing spiritual laws, is that the magic power we all have is simply love. When we came to this world we were given a free will, which is the most loving gift we could have ever received. Imagine if you´d really, really love someone, then all you wished for them, was what they wish for themselves. You´d just want for them to be happy. It is the same with our Creator and us. Life´s only wish for us is to be happy and we have a free will to do so. Every good thing that ever came to my life was because I loved the idea of it and life knew what was in my heart even when I was not able to articulate it precisely. That is why some manifestations are even greater than you could have ever imagined. Life simply knows what´s in your heart, and whatever there is, it is by the power of love that it manifests. On the other hand, everything I prayed for and never received, I realized only later that it was even a greater blessing than when I received the “good stuff”. Believe me, I know what I am talking about. For instance, all the relationships I thought I wanted to be in, but which would be miles away from the vision which was in my heart…, I can´t thank the universe enough for not giving me what I wanted at the time I wanted it. Love saved me many times when I couldn´t see the people and situations clearly enough and when I lost all of my common sense.

2. Miracles are thoughts. There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not “harder” or “bigger” than another. They are all the same. All expressions of love are maximal.

Miracle is a shift in your perceiving of the world. When you decide to change the thoughts based on fear to thoughts based on love, the result will be a miracle. It doesn´t matter whether you need a miracle to help you with forgiving someone or finding a job. Every miracle happens first at the level of thoughts. Once you are willing to let go of your fearful thoughts about the person or situation, there is a space in your mind for kinder and more loving thoughts which will result in miracle manifestations. Since miracle is a change from fearful to loving thoughts and all thoughts are equal, it is not more difficult to perform one miracle than another. All that miracles need, is your willingness to literally let them change your mind and consequently your life.

3. Miracles are a kind of exchange. Like all expressions of love, which are always miraculous in the true sense, the exchange reverses the physical laws. They bring more love both to the giver and the receiver.

On physical plane when you give something away it means you have lost the possession of the thing yourself. When it comes to love, the more you give the more you receive. The more loving thoughts you entertain, the more loving life you live. The more you wish others to succeed, the more they will feel your genuine support and the more they will support you in your own success. I remember once I worked as a hostess in a restaurant. I was working there only for a few weeks when I got tipped. Receiving tips at that position wasn´t that common, so I was really excited. I enjoyed working with my colleagues and I wanted to appreciate their hard work as well, therefore, I decided to share the tip with all those who helped me to set the table up. Even though, the tip wasn´t high I just wanted to express my gratitude and encourage them in their hard work. I was so happy to share the money with them that I didn´t perceive it as a lack or as giving something away, I was just sincere in my intention of sharing my gratitude. A couple of days later a stranger, whom we met on a bus and chatted with for a while, gave me and my friend a hundred-dollar bill just because in his words: “we seemed like nice ladies”. Miracles happen in the most unexpected ways and they always inspire gratitude.

4. Miracles honor you because you are lovable. They dispel illusions about yourself and perceive the light in you. They thus atone for your errors by freeing you from your nightmares. By releasing your mind from the imprisonment of your illusions, they restore your sanity. Miracles are examples of right thinking, aligning your perceptions with truth as God created it.

Thoughts of lack, fear and anxiety are not who you are, they are only nightmares which keep you asleep in a dream you´ve created and you have the power to wake up. You were created in the image and likeness of love, which is your natural state. When you love your thoughts, you love the world they create and in that moment of loving what is your mind is sane. Anything less than that is an illusion – a state created by your mind, but not true to who you are neither to what love is. This is when a daily spiritual practice  comes in handy. From my experience I know that when the world around us becomes overwhelming we need something to rely on so we can restore our inner peace and find a way to balance our thoughts and find a feeling of clarity. There are many spiritual practices you can choose from and start practicing and it won´t take more than a couple of minutes in the morning spend regularly on working with your mind until you can see the results in your life. Some of them are ACIM, The Work, meditation and many others.

5. A miracle is never lost. It may touch many people you have not even met, and produce undreamed of changes in situations of which you are not even aware.

It´s the same with working on your thoughts and lifestyle, as it is with being on a healthy diet or working out. From time to time we lose inspiration. We don´t know how long it will take to get rid of the annoying thought patterns and sometimes it´s easier to keep bitching about the people around us than to work on our own weaknesses and unkind thoughts. Sometimes we think that our progress is not significant and noticeable and that all of our efforts are useless. Here, the Course reminds us that our minds can never comprehend the impact of a miracle. Love travels beyond this time and space until it reaches the eternity only to light up the world as a shooting star lights up the midnight sky. And so, as you´ll never know who has witnessed the star falling, you´ll never know how far-reaching was your effort to choose a miracle instead of fear based on illusions. Even when you think that your choices don’t matter and people are not noticing, they do and they are. Every single time. And what’s more important you are always noticing and that’s what matters the most. 


These were only a few of the principles of miracles. I hope they inspired you to continue to live the lives true to who you really are.


Have a miraculous day,

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  1. krishnapriya108 says:

    This is so beautiful and empowering. Thanks for coming by my blog. I am so, so, so loving what you share here. Blessings for a beautiful day. 🙂 Thank you.


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